‘Welcome’ can hardly be overused, can it?

I’ve already invited you, and several of you lovely people have already accepted the invitation (and one backed out last week, hem hem) but the invitation is still open to this party and you’re all welcome.  Well that is, I’m rather assuming not all of you can come (there are a fair few readers) but I’d borrow extra plates and fit you all in if intercontinental guests want to pop along.  
It’s lovely that so many of you who came last year can come again, and also that there are several who weren’t able to, or whom I didn’t know then, who are joining us this time.
To recap – 
 Saturday, 26th May, from 12.30 pm
Lunch at the home of Z and the Sage
Overnight visitors welcome
Dogs welcome (as long as they don’t chase chickens)
Motorbikes welcome
Children of all ages welcome
All food requirements catered for, just let me know, especially about allergies 
The guest list so far includes Roses and Lawrence, Mike and Ann, Tim, Blue Witch and Mr BW, Sir Bruin and Liz the Small Bear, Rog and Mrs Rine with the Lilster, Phil and Lisa and Amelie (with A’s baby brother), Mig, Pixie Mum and Ian, Wink, Weeza, Phil, Zerlina and Augustus, Ro and Dora, and a few more have not yet confirmed either way (or if you have and are not down, I’m terribly sorry but have the worst memory, just give me a poke and say what the hell).  I’m sorry to say that Christopher, who had hoped to come, now has another engagement on the Monday at home and even I, demanding hostess as I am, can hardly expect him to come all the way from the south of France just for lunch.  
I’m expecting Wink, Mig, and Phil, Lisa and Amelie to stay overnight and still have a bedroom in hand as long as Amelie doesn’t mind sharing with her mum and dad, and after that it’ll be an airbed wherever there’s room.  You’re welcome to stay Friday and Saturday nights, and if you’re staying elsewhere you’re welcome for supper/breakfast too.
If you are staying, for heaven’s sake don’t consider bringing a sleeping bag or towels or basic toiletries, I’ve got loads.  Most of the bedding has feathers in, so if you’re allergic please let me know, I do have alternatives.
If you need the address, just ask me for directions, my email is on my profile.  
You don’t have to be a blogger, you don’t have to have met anyone, few of us had met each other last year and it all seemed to work.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you, and will cook all the food before you arrive this time so I actually have time to join in and don’t spend the entire lunchtime cooking.  
You can meet Bobby the leopard, inspect the Wall, admire the newly-resurfaced drive and see how three weeks tidying up still leaves my house at the stage where most people start cleaning.  On the other hand, there will be plenty of food and innumerable books to read, and I’ve already laid in an indecent stock of wine.  Actually, that’s all I’ve bought as yet.  
I’m really looking forward to seeing you and so is the Sage.

17 comments on “‘Welcome’ can hardly be overused, can it?

  1. Compostwoman

    Please may I come, if I can? I eat almost anything and will happily sleep on an airbed as long as I can stretch out to my full 5 feet, 5 inches length!

    I would probably need to stay the night and leave Sunday, if that is ok…? Ideally I would like to come early on the Fri evening as well..but appreciate that may be a bit much…!

  2. martina

    Wish it was possible to attend and meet everyone. However, if you would all have an extra glass of wine in my honor, that would be terrific.

  3. Z

    Compostwoman, of course! And do come on Friday, most overnighters are.

    Scarlet, that would have been lovely, but we must manage a blog meet some time anyway. When you’re less busy, see what we can arrange?

    I wish you weren’t so far away, Martina – we’ll drink a toast to you in Seattle!

  4. Z

    Oh, I’m sure we’ll talk about you, Chris. Maybe there will just have to be one toast to absent friends, though, or everyone will be totally sozzled and have to stay overnight, planned or not!

  5. Vicus Scurra

    You will be relieved to hear that I am unable to attend. This will not prevent me, however, from reading your lovely blog every day.
    love and peace.

  6. Roses

    Yay! We will be attending, though Lawrence will have to be in Aylsham in the afternoon. He has been asked to compere a biking-thingy that’s happening there. We may well travel separately, but we will be there.


  7. Phil

    Given the choice, Lisa and I would prefer that Amelie share with someone else. Preferably Bobby the leopard. We’re also disappointed not to be meeting Mr Campbell-Howes. But other than that, we’re looking forward to it! Especially the food.

  8. Z

    If Sir B had had a magic carpet, he might not have got a speeding ticket. Really looking forward to seeing so many of you.

    You see Chris, everyone wanted most of all to meet you! They’re all just coming now out of politeness. And for the food, of course, in Phil’s case.

    Vicus, I’m sorry you can’t come. Maybe next year? And thank you very much, you are lovely.


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