We might as well live … with ants

Those ants I told you about the other day.  We’re still finding a few of them.  We finally worked out how they probably got in the house – napkins and a tablecloth, used for the blog party and then brought into the dining room, not for long but enough.  And they then just hid – even as I write, knowing how carefully I cleaned and wiped and sprayed, it seems a bit far-fetched, but the fact is that ants kept turning up, just a few at a time.  And we’ve decided to let them win.  I just haven’t the heart to kill any more – there’s no point in taking them outside, their nest-mates will have forgotten them and they’ll be chased away.  And, after a fairly brief discussion on the subject, it wouldn’t really make any sense at all to end it all ourselves, even if we could think of an acceptable way,  And we don’t want to, obvs.  Having left four to make merry on the dining table when we left it last night, only one joined us for dinner and it scurried away when I greeted it (I can hardly blame it) and it’s somewhere in the lace of the tablecloth.

We’d been out for lunch, somewhere we hadn’t tried before in the nearby town.  We had a lovely lunch a few months ago in the restaurant attached to the Spanish deli and we might have gone there, but decided to check the other place that had been undergoing renovation last time we looked.  And it started to rain as we were reading the menu, so that convinced us.  It’s another Spanish restaurant, which is slightly surprising in such a small town, but this one specialises in fish.  But we were having fish tonight, so shared a meat and salad platter, which was very good. There are plenty of really good places to have lunch around here – we never go out in the evening for dinner, as it happens, but aim to have lunch out at least once a week, just for the pleasure of it.

I\m looking out of the window right now (yes, darlings, I touch-type) and the creeper is climbing across the glass rather prettily.  It evidently needs to be cut back soon.  I was looking at it climbing towards the guttering, the other day.  I don’t mind going up the ladder, but I can’t put a double ladder in place.  I’m too weak and feeble a woman, it seems.  But I can live with that.

2 comments on “We might as well live … with ants

  1. Karen Woodward

    Glad to hear the mysterious ants are also “across the pond”. We have had ants, small and fast, making themselves right at home since May, mostly on the kitchen counter and one table near a living room window. Like you I don’t have the heart to kill them. I figure they will move along soon and they aren’t really hurting anything. I used to think they were a cyclical thing, coming every few years and leaving when the weather got hot in summer. They haven’t left yet but fingers crossed…soon

    1. Z Post author

      Hello, Karen – we are still managing to ignore them and just make sure we don’t leave any food on the table. Really don’t fancy ants in the butter!


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