Waiting by the phone, until I gave up and did something better

I had occasion to ring a department at Islington Borough Council this morning (for those of you who do not know London personally, it is where Tony and the rest of the Blairs – except the youngest – lived before he became prime minister). I phoned at 9.30 and heard a recorded message, asking for my name and phone number – say name, key in number – and I would be phoned back.

Somehow, I imagined that I would be phoned back today. I waited until noon. Then I had to go out. The saintly Sage stayed until 2 pm. Then he wrote a letter to Islington Council and has sent it by recorded delivery, with a self-addressed, stamped envelope enclosed. Just to see if that works.

Anyway, I had to go to Norwich and, after I’d transacted necessary business, decided to stroll around for a bit and maybe investigate the tail end of the sales – as it has been far too hot to want to buy anything for weeks and so I have not done my necessary civic duty of maintaining the economic prosperity of Norfolk’s shops. I was successful for remarkably little money and came home feeling cheerful.

And not just because of my purchases. It was a pleasure to see everyone in the streets – i happened to meet several people I know but that, delightful as it was, is not what I mean. You know this obesity epidemic you read about all the time? Norfolk is several decades behind the times in many ways, and in this one too, or so it seemed. Streetfuls of slender people, both men and women attractively and flatteringly dressed, with flesh only discreetly bared if it enhanced a woman’s appearance and the few chubbier people were equally well clothed and attractive too. I was charmed. There were very few exceptions, stylewise and most of them were teenage lads, who were still of an age to dress to be scruffily unnoticeable (and, sentimental that I am, I find quite sweet). And everyone was smiling too.

I had to get some keys cut at the market. Norwich market has had a major refurbishment over the last couple of years and some shifting around of stalls resulted during that time as, while each section was being done, those stalls had to move into temporary ones. The key-cutting and shoe-mending stall had evidently not been there for a while and has just reopened. Several customers came and went while I was waiting for my keys and each had some friendly and welcoming words for the stallholders.

It was slightly less hot today and, although still sunny, a better day for getting things done. I still had an afternoon nap though after I arrived home. So now I must go and water the greenhouses. Bye!

10 comments on “Waiting by the phone, until I gave up and did something better

  1. Life of a Banana

    Slender people in Norfolk? Obviously, Dolly and I are in the wrong part of Norfolk. All we see are huge lard.

    Don’t mean to offend the Norfuckers, but where we are we only get the not so slender folks who fit in perfectly well with the national statistics.

  2. Z

    Hi banana – really, blokes and girls, all looking gorgeous, whatever their ages. Today, Norwich was the place to be – unless you were a middle-aged woman thinking that perhaps she didn’t quite measure up.
    The fat ones obviously stayed in your neck of the woods.

  3. stitchwort

    One thing I noticed about Cambridge the other week was the remarkable absence of walking avoirdupois – but then again, most of the people around were Japanese tourists, and the rest may have been academics popping out for a fresh copy of “Spectacle Lens – Theory and Practice”.

  4. Z

    Heh heh – I like that. And very glad I am that UEA in Norwich no longer has a similar course on the theory and practice of the Muffin Top.

  5. Blue Witch

    Don’t worry, the trash from the city are moving your way… they’ve got to ours… Tattoos, pants above waistbands, acres of flabby midriff, language to shock you… I give it about 5 years…

  6. PI

    Do you find you are waking from 5am onwards? I do and so have a proper siesta. Naps after lunch have always been a godsend for me.
    But i don’t like going to bed early. So I’m an owl who’s turning into a lark. My mother would be amazed!


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