Wagging Tongues

Right, simplicity rules again. A basic background. I was only teasing…

One forgets when a child gets onto each stage of development and of course they vary hugely as well. Pugsley, at just two, has a large vocabulary and uses quite complex grammar – that is, he puts in pronouns, adjectives and so on accurately and constructs proper sentences – but he doesn’t yet know colours. Zerlina, who is just coming up to two months old, came to visit this afternoon. Her latest entertainment is having raspberries blown at her by her mother. She thinks that is most amusing and watches and listens with interest. Weeza stuck out her tongue. Zerlina stuck out her tongue right back and they did that several times. It was certainly Zerlina responding to Weeza and not the other way round. I was really surprised – I would have thought she was far too young to copy an action, wouldn’t you? I’ve no idea when any of my children did something like that.

The lunch club I go to (yes, I am that sort of person; that is, I go so I must be) is celebrating its 20th anniversary tomorrow and I’ve promised to help with various little items. I have put everything I’ve said I’ll take in the car; the chairman is 90 years old, a retired headmistress of a girls’ private school in Surrey and her air of authority still stands as staunchly as when she retired 30 years ago. I have agreed to arrive 45 minutes early – for no good reason at all that I can see, although there is a small job that will take all of 10 minutes to do. Still, I’m sure it will be great fun and we’ll have a marvellous time. There will be Cake.

Al is getting better. He was back in the shop this afternoon. Dilly has booked a week’s holiday for them all at Centre Parcs in January. She will be working for a couple of days that week, but it’s near enough to her school to commute and it will be much less crowded, and vastly cheaper, in term time. So I’ve put it in my diary too and will look after the shop that week.

6 comments on “Wagging Tongues

  1. Z

    I disliked school games. It seemed to me that it was a subject where the teacher was only interested in people who already had an aptitude and anyone else was a nuisance. The idea of teacher’s pets would have been frowned on in most other subjects, but in games it was all right.

    GPDST? My daughter went to one of those. I don’t think my friend’s was, it’s T0rme@d School – did you beat them?

  2. luckyzmom

    Ah~~~~what a calming background.

    I would have thought Zerlina far too young to copy an action but am not surprised to hear that she does because my daughter stood up in my lap when she was but three days old.

  3. Z

    She did it repeatedly – I know, I think she’s too young too, and maybe it’s just because little babies are very mouth-conscious! And yes, a tiny baby can do something completely unexpected – and maybe not repeat it for the next year when it isn’t remarkable any more. I’m not under unrealistic illusions.


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