I went to church in the next village today, where there was a combined service for all the six parishes.  The Rector had invited Ian, our Rector before last, who is still very much loved.  Chris (present Rector) got his dates in a bit of a twist, when he said that Ian was here from 2098 to 2006 and then looked a bit confused.  “Sorry,” he said, “All a bit before I was born.”

If you are always being told you look *too young* to be a church minister and have three children, you might as well play up to it.

It was really good to catch up with friends afterwards, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was nobbled to play for the Christingle service on Tuesday and that reminded me that I’d promised to do a flower arrangement before that, so I called in at the Co-op on the way home and then went round the garden picking evergreenery.  I finished making the celery soup I’d prepared yesterday and ate some and nearly fell asleep, cuddled up to the Aga on the kitchen stool.  Good thing I didn’t, though, I took all the stuff down to the church, threw together a sizeable arrangement for the altar and rattled through the two songs for Tuesday, listening to the wind getting stronger.  It had blown over the wheelie bin at the end of the drive, that had been emptied on Friday.  When I fed the chickens, I noticed that a large strip of roofing felt had ripped off my shed roof and hoped it wouldn’t rain before I had a chance to mend it.

It’s pouring down and blowing a gale out there.  I’m very glad I got in lots of coal and logs yesterday, and don’t have to go out again.  I’ve built up a big fire and am considering what to cook for dinner.  I’ve got vegetables.  And I fancy curry.  I’ll spend a while browsing cookery books and listening to music.  I put a plaintive whinge on Facebook about my shed and our old friend Rev Dave kindly offered to come and help me, and another friend volunteered her son.  I’ve gratefully accepted both, I have no objection to scrambling on roofs but I’m really not that agile at present.  Forecast is poor tomorrow, so keeping fingers crossed for Tuesday morning.

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