Fabulous vegetables, Al has in the shop at the moment. I can’t resist. Tonight, peas, runner beans, beetroot, carrots, cabbage and asparagus (kept in the fridge for the last few days because it was the last of this year’s crop). While I was cooking, I ate Webbs Wonderful lettuce. For lunch, I had corn on the cob – this wasn’t actually local, as everything else was – indeed, it was from Portugal – but it was young and tender nonetheless, and a Honeymoon Salad sandwich.

The Sage showed the phantam chick to the children, so I took a few pictures. Sorry the close-up is blurred.
. It looks very like a bantam chick, although possibly the beak is a trifle longer and it’s barred like a pheasant – but not in an unbantamlike way. We assume it’ll look more of a mixture as it grows.

I enjoyed the interviews this morning, although we wished there had been another job on offer – sometimes it’s hard to choose. I cycled vigorously – a slight mistake as my knee still hurts, but better to wear out, hey? I have my car back from its service, which it went to a couple of months late – no time to deal with it before. I’m going to Kent this weekend and didn’t want a squeaky brake.

Local raspberries, the first of the season, now. I’m afraid I’m greedy. I don’t care. I’ve already eaten my daily chocolate. Hah.

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