I was awake early this morning, too early for Wink, so caught up with some blog-reading, and found that Boy On Top had updated after two years of silence. I meant to write a post a couple of weeks ago on those whose blogs I used to read and who don’t update any longer (and then something more topical came up to write about) and he was one of my favourites, so I was glad to hear from him again.
We had a splendid last day, with a thoroughly touristy boat trip round the harbours and then we went off to Naxxar to the palazzo there and had lunch. Afterwards, feeling cheerful, I looked around and bought myself a necklace – I’m afraid I can’t load a photo from my phone (or at least, I don’t know how) but you may have seen it on Facebook. To put things into perspective, it cost less than three of their cakes of soap. But I did just spend €82 on myself on a whim. Still.

I hear that Dave was persuaded to stay for fireworks and supper this evening, which is jolly good. Any party would be enhanced by Dave’s company. Zerlina has gone to bed in a full-sized single bed and is very pleased with herself.

I have set my alarm for 5 o’clock tomorrow morning. Our flight is at 8.30.

5 comments on “Vallettadiction

  1. Rog

    Any party Dave attends is bound to end up with fireworks.

    (PS you can enable ’email posting’ in your blogger dashboard and it gives you a unique email address to send posts to (with picture attached) by email)

  2. Z

    Ooh, splendid, Dave.

    Barring cement mixers falling on me, the more unsafe part of the journey is done. Just the tedious part left.

    Rog, I have that enabled and quite forgot. Thank you. As ever, you are clever. As clever as Dave in your own way.


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