Va va vroom vroom

I’ve written two emails, that’s all, there’s still a lot to do.  But they were the most pressing.  I’ve also had a potentially difficult meeting, and that was constructive.  So things seem to be okay for now.

I wanted to ask our finance director about something, and we ended up having a chat, as you do with colleagues who are also friends.  I’d been surprised, when we last talked a week ago, to find that she has had a full motorbike licence for years.  She’s recently bought a horse – she’s ridden for many years, but not had her own horse for a while – and enthused about the pleasure of losing the stresses of the day or the week in a long ride.

And I went straight out and booked my motorbike training.  It’ll take place the Wednesday before the blog party, so I’ll either be very pleased with myself or quite abashed, on the 14th.

I came home and emailed my nearest and dearest, because I wouldn’t want the family to read about it on Facebook or here before i told them.  But bear in mind that I still haven’t actually done anything, it’s not really that big a deal – except that I’m awfully excited.  I really do want this, I love the idea of it and I hope that I don’t prove quite inept.

Which reminds me, I was reversing into a parking space this afternoon, and I got the angle quite wrong and had to have three attempts.  And there were quite a few people around.  I had to steel myself, darlings, and just slow down and get it right – which was fine, there was adequate room and I can park, really.  But I see so many people get embarrassed and drive away, rather than have another go and it’s understandable, because the more embarrassed you are, the more flustered you get … it’s no good though, you’ve got to overcome embarrassment at the possibility of failure.

I’ve been invited to a book launch next month, in London.  I’m toying with the idea of staying over.  It’ll be on the evening of 25th June, might anyone be free to meet up between Tuesday and Thursday?  It seems a shame not to be sociable if I do have a couple of days there.

6 comments on “Va va vroom vroom

  1. nick

    I often need several tries to get the car parked properly. As you say, the trick is not to get embarrassed but to realise most people are crap at parking and it’s normal to fluff it now and again. Just remind yourself that the person staring at you has probably botched their own parking hundreds of times.

    Good luck with the motorbike training. That sounds very exciting. Personally I’ve never aspired to more than a bicycle.

  2. Liz

    Good luck with the motorbike training. I still have no interest in learning to ride one myself.

    Sometimes I can reverse park my car in one go and other times, it takes many attempts. My husband is fond of saying “are we there yet” as I make my umpteenth attempt at reversing up our drive. I still find reversing into a space easier than driving in forwards though. Even if I go forwards into a ‘throughie’ space I usually overshoot it and have to back up again!

  3. sablonneuse

    Gosh, hats off for taking up motorcycling.
    I’d be petrified!

    As for parking – I only ever park if there’s emough room for three cars and I can go for the middle!

    In case I don’t visit for several weeks hope you have a great party.

  4. Z Post author

    I find that I reverse better into a small space than when I have plenty of room – the need for precision makes me concentrate, I suppose. I trust that will work on a bike too! If not for reversing.

    I suppose Sir B can reverse a car with the Hodmedod attached, Liz? I have a traditional woman’s touch there, quite hopeless.

    Thanks, Sandy.

  5. Liz

    Oh yes, Sir B can reverse with the hodmedod on the back – he’s very good. I have yet to attempt to tow the van at all myself. Meanwhile, in other reversing news, I backed my car into a space in one attempt at Waitrose on Saturday and again when I got home. Sir Bruin was in the car with me so I have a witness to this strange anomaly!


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