Ups and Downs

Which is the name of our field, but not the reason for the name of this post.

The day had a lot more ups than downs, in fact, although things looked a bit disastrous at one point.  The arranged washing machine delivery happened just after lunch, but I had a disconsolate phone call from the delivery men.  They had discovered that the old machine was wired into the wall, rather than plugged into a socket.  What sort of idiot builder would do such a stupid thing?  Obviously, they couldn’t take it out or plumb in the new one.  However, they were able to get it down the stairs and leave it in the kitchen, and they confirmed that, as I’d paid £9 to have the old one removed, that would still be done if I’d arrange for another appointment in due course (I’ll have the fitting fee reimbursed, apparently).

I looked up the electrician who checked the system a couple of years ago, and phoned him.  He would be able to go and do the job today.  We agreed a price.  I gave him my address and he will send the bill.  I would have been perfectly happy to pay by card over the phone, this is remarkable service.

James phoned in due course to say that all is done, except that there is a socking great washing machine in Andrew’s kitchen.  However, the new machine is plumbed in, so he will be tolerant I’m sure.

The most enjoyable event of the day was a visit by a VIW; a Blue Witch, no less.  It was a delight to see her again, I really wish she lived closer so that we could see each other often.  So. overall, I vote Up.

13 comments on “Ups and Downs

  1. Tim

    Funnily enough, talking about washing, my washing line shapped this morning under the weight of five shirts and three trousers. Luckily, I had a spare one, for reasons too detailed to explain just now. Isn’t life delightfully complicated?

  2. Z

    Shapped is fine, typos don’t count in comments. I’m terribly impressed that you have a spare washing line, that’s one degree of over-caution more than I possess.

  3. Marion

    Why would anyone wire in a machine as if it would never need replacing? Any project always seems to come with sneaky, irksome problems. You seem to be lucky with your renters, though.

  4. Z

    Indeed, Marion, only an idiot. I can’t think of any reason at all. I am lucky, both Andrew and James (whom I’ve not actually met) are great tenants.

    Splendid, Tim. You will fill a gap in the blogosphere very well (although, of course, it can always expand further if Dave sees the error of his ways and returns to us).

  5. Z

    I trust so. If he stays away because he’s doing something he enjoys, that’s great, although he should know that we would love to be told about it. If he stays away out of stubbornness, that’s Sinful Pride and he should know better.

  6. Dave

    He’s enjoying the release of not having to write something every day, and being allowed a lie-in if he feels like it. That is probably Sinful Sloth.

  7. Blue Witch

    It was lovely to see you and your dear Sage (and Big Pinkie, with her dreadlocked tail, and the many hens) again too, dear heart. We mustn’t leave it so long next time.

    *wonders what VIW could mean*

  8. Blue Witch

    Just thinking – is it legal to wire a washing machine directly into the mains? Knowing how strict the electrical regulations are these days, I wouldn’t have thought so.

    Usually only 30 Amp appliances (like hobs and ovens) are directly wired in – so it may not even be on a circuit that is properly fuse protected for a 13A appliance…

    And, if that electrician checked the system a couple of years ago (and given/supposing that it was the official check that landlords need these days), shouldn’t he have noticed this problem then?

    *wonders if the delivery men accepted their tip even though they couldn’t complete the job?* 😉

  9. Z

    Sloth is good, Dave. It’s good to let go and relax and not to feel guilty about it. The reason we hope you will blog again in due course, if not every day necessarily, is because you are our friend and we will miss you.

    VIP for Witches, dearest. And I can’t say whether it was legally wired or not; it was behind the appliance so you couldn’t tell without pulling it out. Looking at the notes on the back of the certificate, the electrician is covered by the caveats on visual inspections.

  10. Z

    Oh, and I’m still good with them having a tip. After the kindness displayed by James (who would have been rather put out by a tip, which I didn’t offer, obv), the least I can do is pass it on. It would have cost around £50 in fares and petrol to get to London and I was saved that.


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