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I’ve been looking back to January of last year, when I had my hip operation.  Pamela has a brilliant website, which she started when she had to have a new hip at pretty short notice, and she contacted me when I wrote about my operation.  In a recent post, she wrote about what happened on the day of her operation and I offered to send her what I wrote about mine which, as most of you will remember, I had done under a spinal anaesthetic while I was entirely awake, without sedation.  It’s a good job I wrote it down at the time, I wouldn’t remember it in detail now.

It’s rare that a day goes by without me thinking about my hip, but not because there’s any problem.  It’s pure gratitude, that I live in an age when a clapped-out joint can be replaced so straightforwardly.  My friend John (who has rheumatoid arthritis) has chosen not to have an operation, but he was fifteen years older than I was when our respective hips started to cause serious problems.  I understand and sympathise with his reasons not to get his ‘done’, although I don’t think I’d have made the same decision.  Certainly it was making me older than I needed to be.  Now I can do what I want and have no pain or restricted movement.

No sign of the baby putting in an appearance.  Weeza having built herself up to its prompt arrival, has now relaxed and is resigned to waiting.  She hadn’t made many preparations for Zerlina’s birthday (the party will be next month) but we’re invited over tomorrow – that is, Dilly and the children and I will go, the Sage probably won’t make it and Al will be at work.  The whole family will go over on Sunday, unless that’s the baby’s birth day.

Work has been continuing on the drive, the Sage having decided to put in a kerb on both sides.  It’s taking ages, but will be an excellent job.  I’ll take some pictures in the next few days, I haven’t for ages and one forgets what it was like beforehand.

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  1. Z

    No, I haven’t, thanks Tim. I’ve added her to my feed reader and popped in to say hello.

    The hard thing about a joint replacement is that it’s your decision, you may be given options but not advice, and it’s rarely a clear cut choice.

  2. Gledwood

    But why did you have the op without general anaesthetic? I would be absolutely terrified of a needle going in my spine. I know what damage needles can do! On the other hand I do know the benefits of total anaesthesia so I’d probably go for that one!!

    Hey don’t you think it’s brilliant that we get healthcare free. I can’t believe some Americans think it’s actually better to have a system where your insurance can literally run OUT. !!!

  3. georgie

    Didn’t the noise of the surgical tools scare you during surgery? I’d be upset hearing power tools and knowing it was my bones they were being used on.

  4. Dave

    Blogging has certainly encouraged me to take more ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, which are useful reminders/evidence in future years.

  5. Dave

    If the job’s taking a long time, I’m surprised Rog hasn’t make some comment about kerb crawling. No doubt he’ll get round to it eventually.

  6. Z

    I know, we didn’t have it with Dilly because it was a planned Caesarean and she’d known the date for a long time.

    No, I wasn’t scared. I’d been very reluctant to make the decision to have the operation, I’d dreaded it – but once the decision was made (my hip was really giving me a lot of trouble and it was getting worse quickly) I turned my attitude round and wanted to feel involved in it. It was interesting, didn’t take long, I was completely relaxed and I’d choose that way again.

    I agree, Dave, I should have taken more – all the work done this summer has been so bitty I haven’t taken pictures. I’ll do some later.

    The drive will still be tarmac, just as it is now only wider round the curved parts, and then gravel by the house. You and the Small Bear are welcome any time.

    It takes a lot to curb the Sage’s enthusiasm.

  7. Zig

    today is not over yet – I have hope for an appearance!

    Is your other hip OK? A friend of mine (same v young age) is awaiting a bilateral hip replacement – I don’t know if they do them at the same time tho.

  8. Z

    No, today is not likely to be the birthday. Happy birthday to Freya though. And to Noah, Dave.

    My other hip is in the early stages of arthritis, I reckon I will need it replaced in 3-5 years. I’ve got unusually shallow sockets, the right one more than the left, that’s the reason it’s happened at this age. Just one of those things.

    There will still be a two-pronged drive, Simon.


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