Unlucky with cars, lucky in love*

This arvo, as I understand the young people put it (though probably it’s way outdated by now) I went over to see Weeza and Zerlina. We went to the local garden centre. When we went back to the car, because it was time for Zerlina’s early afternoon nap, the car wouldn’t start. It didn’t even try. It lit all its warning-of-problem lights and did nothing else. Not a sound, not even a dismal whine. I tried several times and then we got a bit dismayed, then became practical, because we are. Weeza went and persuaded a random couple just returning to their car to give her a lift home (aren’t people lovely?) and I said I’d stay with z and wait for her to return with her car.

After some minutes, I decided to try the car again. It started without fuss. Since, I’ve started it three times and driven 20 miles. I dunno. Do you?

Anyway, knowing I had to be next door early to babysit, I kept waking up last night, or maybe it was just aloneness. I didn’t lie awake, but woke half a dozen times, finally just before the alarm was due, so I turned it off. Tomorrow I don’t have to be about early so we’ll see how it goes. The Sage is safely back with Wink after his Cornwall trip and expects to be home about lunchtime tomorrow. Sadly, I’m out for lunch (assuming the car starts, of course).

And a question. This is what Ro asked me…

If there were a wild (town) pigeon on the ledge outside your office and it was obviously injured, probably with a broken wing, what would you do?

He didn’t give options, but I will –
a – Call the RSPCA
b – Call Norwich pest control
c – do nothing
d – try to catch it and wring its neck to put it out of its misery
e – something else – please specify

Whatever you say, I will not suggest you are an android.

*I know it’s a misquote

10 comments on “Unlucky with cars, lucky in love*

  1. Dandelion

    This happened to a cousin of mine. I can’t remember if he chose a) or e).

    It occurs to me that there might be an analogy between the pigeon and the car…

  2. MOTB

    I’d like to think d, but I’ve never actually wrung (?) anything’s neck – not even my husband when he’s been at his most irritating. So probably b in the hope they’d do it for me.

  3. Chairwoman of the bored

    I think you have a problem with your starter motor.

    There are probably ‘blind spots’ on it where ‘teeth’ are missing. Most times it will start after a couple of tries, but every now and then it won’t as where it connects with whatever it needs to connect with is random.

    The only real cure is a new starter motor, I believe you have a Mercedes. It might be expensive, but I think it’s one of those jobs that are pretty reasonable and much the same on any car as long as you have a friendly local non-dealer mechanic, or a handy husband, son, or son-in-law.

    I know these things as I had a husband who rebelled against the high cost of car maintenance and taught himself to fix things of that ilk.

    As to the poor pigeon. I have taken injured wild birds to both RSPCA and the PDSA and they always put them down. The police’s advice was, wring their necks. I’m a bit of a soft townie for that.

    BTW as you live in the country, surely you’re with the AA or something similar. If not, why not?

  4. Z

    The starter motor was what I suggested to the Sage when he phoned last night. It seemed the most obvious thing once it started again – in the meantime I’d opened and shut the boot, which might have rocked it on enough to get it to work. Indeed, friend Mike will deal with it for me if that’s the case.

    I did have breakdown insurance until I reinsured my car – the extra cost in the policy was more than I could do it for separately, not that I’ve got around to it yet. But in any case, the situation yesterday was that Zerlina needed a feed and a sleep so we wanted to get her home quickly. After that, I’d have sorted out the car. As it is, I’m glad I didn’t trust the car not to try to embarrass me in front of a mechanic. Al says that his employee had exactly the same thing happen to her – she called the AA, the car started for him and she was left feeling stupid.

  5. ephelba

    Is that a Phillip K Dick reference? You surprise me again!

    Everywhere I’ve lived the humane society (I think that’s like your RSPCA) won’t touch ’em, but there is usually a rescue group that rehabs injured critters. They usually take in anything, even wounded starlings and pigeons. I’ve always had a hard time finding them, they never have money to advertise or get their number in the phone book.

    Of course, if I knew I could do it, and I thought the thing wouldn’t heal well, I’d wring its neck.

  6. Z

    I think the original is ‘Lucky at cards, unlucky in love’ and it was already a known expression in 1738 (I discover thanks to google) – I wouldn’t want you to think I actually remember 1738, when I was little more than a twinkle in my father’s eye.

  7. julie

    I’m sure under the pigeon circumstances I would have to find somebody else to put it out of its misery- though if I were alone I think I would call somebody. I don’t think I have the stomach for that kind of mercy, even though I know it would be the right thing to do.

  8. Blue Witch

    http://www.autoaidbreakdown.co.uk/ for breakdown cover. £37 a year, includng homestart. It’s pay and reclaim and you can either arrange help yourself or they will send someone.

    Excellent Value and service. Much quicker than AA, and money is returned within 48 hours.

    Why anyone pays £100s for AA/RAC etc I have no idea.

  9. Z

    Oh thank you, BW. That may have been the one I seen when looking for insurance, it’s about the price I’d seen. The whole insurance thing was so tedious and took so much form-filling that I hadn’t mustered the determination to search again.

    Hello, Julie. Indeed, it’s hard to know how much pressure to exert.


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