Two more firsts for Augustus

The most cheering news of the day for me was that my passport, complete with visa, is in the post and I should receive it tomorrow.  Wink was going up to London today to fetch hers in person.  So we’re on track.  I still haven’t sorted out my transport to Heathrow or my insurance mind you, but that’s because I’ve been having far too much fun today.

Weeza had an appointment locally this afternoon, so she brought the children over for us to look after them.  It was a beautiful day, really hot and I took them to a local playground, not the one in the village but about five miles away.  I thought an Emergency Russian would be a good idea, so packed a hot cross bun – not that it was hot, you understand, but ‘cross bun’ doesn’t make sense.  Anyway, as soon as Zerlina heard about it she decided she was hungry, so I shared large pieces for her and small pieces for Gus.  Then they went on the swings – z had a go first, then I put Gus in the swing and she pushed him, then she went on the adjoining swing and I pushed both of them, then I received a phone call so spoke to a friend and kept pushing both swings.  Oh, how I multi-tasked.

Later at home, I gave Gus some tea and had just cooked boiled eggs and toast soldiers for z when Weeza arrived back, so I made a pot of Earl Grey fumé to drink while z ate.  Weeza was pleased to hear about the park and Gus’s first experiences of bun and swing.

This evening, I went to the high school’s Spring Concert, which was absolutely brilliant.  The huge enjoyment of music shown by the students is lovely and the standard is very impressive.  My ears are slightly numbed by the rock bands, but they’re very good indeed and extremely dedicated.  I wonder if some of the musicians have much time for the rest of their school work, actually.  But maybe they are good at multi-tasking too.

5 comments on “Two more firsts for Augustus

  1. haricot

    You always have a good time at a high school or other schools. Young energy must bring you fresh air.
    Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog.

  2. Roses

    Oh wonderful. I was prepared to worry about your visa for the next 12 days too!

    Sounds like you had a lovely day with the kids. They must love their grandma so much, treating them with such delights.

  3. Z

    Evidently, it’s not enough for me to worry but I have to make my friends worry too. Sorry darling. The postman called a few minutes ago, passport safely returned complete with visa. I’m off out now to pick up my contact lenses, I’ve ordered a set of daily ones so that I don’t have to take sterilising stuff.

    It is my full intention to be a lovely old woman so that my family adores me. This is one of my few remaining ambitions.

  4. john.g.

    I can multi-task too! Today, in the pub I completed three cryptic crosswords, had a few beers, AND had a conversation with “The Chairman”!!

  5. Z

    Haricot, I love your blog. Beautiful photos and always something interesting to read.

    John, dear heart, you’re marvellous. I haven’t looked at today’s crossword yet. And yesterday I had no alcohol whatsoever!


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