El rang tonight, having just got back from a long weekend in Derbyshire. Apparently, there was snow – two inches of it. Gosh.

She has booked a table for Friday evening at a restaurant not far from St Pauls, so we’ll meet there I should think – her office is in Mayfair and Phil’s is in Islington. I get into London at half past ten in the morning, so I’m fancy-free for the day.

I babysat this evening, which was very quiet. I arrived while the children were having their nighttime beakers of milk and once they were in bed they fell asleep and didn’t make another sound. I read, watched television, and fell asleep myself in the middle of Nigella. I was a bit underwhelmed by her crumbling bought cake, pouring ginger wine over it, whipping a lot of cream and dumping it on the cake, cutting up underripe passion fruits and scraping them on top and calling it a trifle that all her friends thought she had slaved for days over. They were being polite, darling. I’m sure it tasted good, but they all knew what you had done.

9 comments on “Trifling

  1. Dandelion

    I turned it off before she began. Can’t say trifle is my best thing, but that is not it. Where’s the bloomin’ jelly? I did used to like those sponge fingers you can get to make the trifle base out of though.

    ps What do you call a man with jelly in one ear, and sponge-cake and custard in the other?

  2. stitchwort

    You can call him anything you like – he can’t hear you.
    Boom boom!

    And just how big are the liqueur glasses in Nigella’s house? After 2 “glasses” the bottle was nearly empty.

  3. The Boy

    With a bottle of wine in the triffle no wonder the “guests” where enthusiastic.

    I’ve seen a couple of her new shows, and some of the recipies are real winners. I do wish she’d give up on the twee names though.

  4. Z

    I was going to call him a trifle silly.

    Yes, she did slosh it about cheerily, having specified liqueur glasses. I’m afraid I’m finding her too twee altogether in this series, and I’m seriously tired of her pretending to slave all day in a 9-5 job. Nothing wrong with the recipes though – although I still think ‘How to Eat was the best by far (though I never have been able to bear to use the vast amounts of butter, oil and cream that she does).

    AFC – two inches though! We haven’t had two inches of snow here for several years.

  5. Z

    I think I was nearer the words, but Stitch was right there with the meaning.

    Dandelion, you are the life and soul of every party


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