That went rather well, to my surprise.  I went to the cold frame and lifted the large piece of bark and there was Edweena, so I lifted her up and brought her indoors and in the run.  Then I went and looked in a flower pot and found Natasha, so carried her, still in her pot.  Then I went and looked under Anastastia’s favourite hebe and there she was too, half under a large stone.  I’d quite expected to have to search for them for ages.  By the time I left for church, they were all exploring their new premises.

I’d been a bit confused when I woke up because  my watch said nearly nine o’clock and I couldn’t believe I’d slept so long, through the alarm too.  But then I looked at my phone and it was only half past seven, so I thought I must have forgotten to wind my watch, I did so and put the time right.  After the usual chores, plus moving the tortoises, I looked again and it was quarter past nine, just about right.  I was a bit surprised to be the first there, but it wasn’t until nine fifty-five that I remarked to Sue that people were cutting it fine.  She was relaxed, plenty of time yet…I’ve a feeling you’re way ahead of me.  My watch has started to gallop.  It’s my good watch, the gold one that Russell gave me when we got married (I gave him the portrait that graces the dining room wall – it’s about time I took that down, actually, a bit silly having a picture of baby-faced Z up there).  I haven’t had the watch cleaned for several years,  the very nice jeweller’s in Norwich where we bought it and where I always took it had become disconcertingly expensive and, I’m afraid, I bought a new watch years ago, for the price of a service of this one, and wore that instead until it broke.  Anyway, I’ll take it in when I’m next in Norwich, whenever that is.

The tortoises have eaten and pottered around energetically and basked under their heat lamps, so that seems to be entirely satisfactory.  I’ll keep them awake as long as possible during the autumn, while there are still plenty of suitable plants for them to eat in the garden.  They have weeds, mostly, but they like rose and jasmine petals, sedum, hebe, herbacious geranium, all sorts of other things too.  They have to fast for a few weeks before they hibernate, but I’ll feed them up before that.  Eloise is not at all pleased that there’s a cover on the run, she had thought of it as an ideal lavatory.

The hymn playing went surprisingly well – I say surprisingly, but I’m not being entirely fair to myself.  I did practise, which I don’t always bother to do, and I have been playing at every service for a long time now, since my friend Andy has been confined to a wheelchair and unable to get to the organ.  We had a choir today, which was a pleasure, so I took particular care.  Then, I helped with the coffee and ate chocolate cake.

6 comments on “Tortoises

    1. Z Post author

      I’m sorry you’ve had trouble – let me know if it happens again and I’ll delve into the inner workings of the website. Or get Ronan to.

      It was all a bit yee-hah with the ten gallon hat and chaps – or maybe not.

  1. PixieMum

    Not sure why you wish to take down the picture of yourself from the dining room unless it brings back bad memories. It is in scale and style with the room.

    About the time we were first married Ian had said that one day he would wish to buy me a Rolex watch as he had one. Nearly three years ago he phoned me from our High Street jewellers to ask if I would still like one. He had seen a neat model, think it’s a perpetual oyster, has a pale cream face, I was delighted, pleased and surprised after over thirty plus years.

    One big bonus, no winding up, it does lose a little, I rely on Ian to put it right and to set the date if the preceding month doesn’t have 31 days. Most valuable to me if the sentiment and love behind the gift.

    1. Z Post author

      Oh, how lovely. I’m sure it’s beautiful.

      The picture was fine when Russell was alive, but it seems a bit odd now, to have a portrait of myself on the wall. I think I’d like a change.


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