Too many Cakes, though nearly not enough

Greengrocer son, who I think I will call Baz, rang anxiously to ask if I’d been given two cakes recently. I had and fortunately have only started to eat one. He was relieved. I have to take one back.

His shop is just by the (once a week) market place. A lady brings fruit cakes to Geoff, one of the stallholders. Just because she is good-natured. Once Geoff wasn’t there as the weather was bad so she gave the cake to Baz instead and he shared it with us. It’s delicious. No eggs and no added fat, it contains sultanas, cherries, pieces of ginger, coconut and is moist but not too rich. So now she occasionally brings one for us too. But Baz gave me one last week and then forgot he’d done so (that boy has the attention span of a mature fruit fly, and he would agree with me; I’m not being rude here), so a few days later Dilly gave me one too as he’d taken it home with another cake that another customer had given them.

Anyway, point is, Geoff wants his cake. So, lucky I haven’t scoffed it already. But aren’t the customers lovely?

The sun is shining today and bluetits are keenly searching the shrubbery outside my window. I heard a tapping against the kitchen window earlier and one was having a go at the putty, or maybe finding a few spiders on the window frame. I need to clear surplus vegetation out of the pond before frogs start laying as it will all be tangled up and I won’t be able to do it. We must build a good framework with wire netting to go across the pond for Grandbaby’s safety – for the tadpoles’ too as we’ve been visited by a heron on occasion and it hoovers up whole beakfuls of newly hatched tadpoles.

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