Today, Z mostly ate Twiglets

I wrote an impassioned and earnest post this afternoon about items in the news.  But I had to leave it unfinished, so it is now consigned to oblivion, you’ll be relieved to know.  That is not what this blog is for and it’s not what i do.

I left the chickens last night – I’d made sure they had plenty of food in the morning and it was so wet later, and I was going out to supper – I couldn’t quite face it.  So this morning, I went and gave them their soaked bread and filled up the feeders – hm.

I’d left one of them, or more possibly they’d shifted it, so the rain could just catch it.  So the base was full of soggy grain and it didn’t feed through.  The other one was ok, except a chicken had crapped in one of the holes.  Why?  Messy little blighters.  I can’t keep their water dispensers clean, either, nor anything else.  I had to clean the muck out with a finger – I know, darlings, but it had to be done.  Then I refilled that one, knowing it would need to be washed properly later.  I shook out the dry food from the other, then cleared out the damp stuff, then refilled again.  The ground is quite soggy too, I have to fork all the straw out.

But I also had to phone the hospital, so my time with the chooks was limited.  i quickly checked on the Torts and went back in to wash my hands, three times, including the use of a nailbrush. Then I used a sanitiser.

We have an appointment for Monday evening, though that will just be a consultation and I don’t expect results. I’ve not had a great day, to be frank and am feeling a bit fragile.  Russell seems fine, but then he never shows any emotion and I don’t know what he’s thinking.

I went to hear the latest at the school, with my weekly update with the Head, inspected the flood damage at the sixth form centre (pretty awful, bloody county council didn’t keep the roof or anything else in good repair and left us with millions of poundsworth of renovations to do).  The main site let water in too, but at least we have a grant to replace that roof.  The application for the other one was turned down, but I think the photos that were taken add a certain strength to our appeal.

I cooked steak for dinner and I’d done it perfectly and had just dished everything onto serving dishes when a friend called round.  Thinking he’d only be a few minutes, I left it on top of the Aga plates – he stayed an hour.  I sort of reheated everything and shoved it back on plates.  Then I ate too fast and now have indigestion.  R ate his steak (actually half, we share a piece of meat these days) and left most of his vegetables, but at least he ate something.

10 comments on “Today, Z mostly ate Twiglets

  1. allotmentqueen

    I was going to say that’s not a friend who comes round when you’re just about to eat dinner, but then I thought – actually, friends are probably more important than dinner. In several years’ time (when you need friends) they’ll still be there and (hopefully) the dinner won’t be.

    1. Z Post author

      Well yes, he’s a nice man and if I’d told him it wasn’t convenient, he’d have been too embarrassed to call again. Some people you can just tell. Mind you, two minutes later, we’d have started eating and I’d just have had him pull up a chair.

  2. Blue Witch

    For less than £80 you could make your hen keeping much easier (and cheaper, no waste)…. ‘peck on demand’ (20kg) feeder and large (30l) drinker that only needs refilling once per week. Also – disposable latex gloves are a must. For another £50-ish you could add an auto-pop-hole on your housing that opens at dawn and closes at dusk.

    If you’re interested and need more info on the best sorts (those that have achieved BW approval over the past 18 years), I can look it up later. Off to a wedding in Soggy Suffolk now…

    Hope you manage to have a good weekend, and fingers crossed for some news (or pointers to news) on Monday.

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve got 6 litre drinkers and similar sized feeders now – R used open trays and refilled the water several times a day, which puzzles me. I’ve spent a while today improving things, I hope – the drinkers were too low and, when they scratched about, they kicked earth etc into the tray. I do have gloves, but only popped down quickly to feed them, I didn’t expect to need them this morning.

      If I’m going to be looking after the hens long-term, the numbers will diminish naturally, I won’t let chicks be hatched. I’ve got several dozen eggs to give away at church tomorrow, 29 girls are far too many, even if some of them rarely lay.

      Lovely weather here, hope the sun shone on you at the wedding.


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