Toadying, brooding and toddling

I’ve loaded on the photos, but haven’t had time to look at them yet. However, I suggested that you might have PICTURES, so pictures you will have. One of them moves!!(!)

When the Sage found a fine young toad in the garden, I took it straight through to show the children. “Look at this” I squeaked excitedly. Dilly turned round with an interested expression … “Wooah!” she said and stepped back, startled. “You should know by now what makes me excited enough to show Squiffany and Pugsley” I said. “Yes”, resignedly, “last time you were this happy, you brought a snake skin in to show us.”

“Frog, frog” observed Pugsley. I explained. “Toad, toad”, he corrected himself and stroked the dear little chap’s head. We looked at him carefully. His skin was dry and he crawled slowly over our hands. He had clear brown eyes, unexpectedly beautiful.
Afterwards, we put the toad under the box hedge. He had been remarkably good-natured about the whole episode which I appreciated, as it can’t have been a great pleasure, except when I kissed him … well, it works with frogs, it was done in a spirit of scientific curiosity. Nothing happened, though.

While we were all outside, I showed the children where a bantam had laid a clutch of eggs. We were shifting the pile of branches from the dodgy fir tree that had been cut down before it fell on the house, a few weeks ago, when we saw a beady eye – she didn’t stir, just looked at us.

She’s still there now, patiently sitting. Fortunately, we don’t have skulking foxes here at present, as indicated by the numerous rabbits frolicking in the kitchen garden eating everything that puts its leaves above the ground.

And, just for the ‘aah’ factor, here’s Pugsley.

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