Tilly rules the roost

While I have been away, Tilly has spent her days on her sofa and her evenings on my chair. Oh, and her nights on her chair in another room. No, she isn’t going out much. She’s an old dog and it’s January. I am going to need a higher chair for a few weeks so asked the Sage to swap them – in the original position, it wasn’t a good place to put the computer as the lead would have to run across the doorway.

The Sage wants me to look something up for him. Tilly is in my chair. She isn’t even comfortable. No other chair is high enough.

I shall have to stay in bed until she moves.

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  1. Mrs Rine

    Glad you are home Z. To keep the peace and restore balance, I think you need to instruct the Sage how to do whatever he needs to do from where you are, while Tilly sits comfy. You can sort the order out properly when you are up and “running” again.

  2. Z

    She wouldn’t like it, Dave. But in fact, a few minutes after I wrote that the Sage went out of the room and she followed, hoping for food. She wasn’t too pleased when she came back and found me in the chair and she wanted to get on my bed, which is downstairs in the sitting (lying) room but it’s too high, so she had to go back to the sofa.

    You’re my kind of girl, BW. Unfortunately, the dressing covers it rather well and I haven’t seen it myself yet.

    I can tell you about the operation if you like.

  3. Z

    I have to explain every tiny detail of everything and then he still gets it wrong, Mrs R. Honestly, it’s like describing an elephant to a blind man.

    Okay, BW. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. Losing all other readers, I’m afraid – though it was more interesting than gory from where I was lying.

  4. Z

    It’s a bit hard to know what to do with myself really. I thought I’d want a lot of rest, but I’m not sure I will. But I can’t *do* much because of the bending I mustn’t do. Still, I’ve got walking without sticks to build up to, which is my first aim.

    And wanting to drink is my second.

  5. Z

    Well, I will write two posts tomorrow, one of which will describe the operation and another on a completely different subject so the descriptive one won’t squat toadily at the top of your reader for those who don’t fancy it.

    A quiet peaceful evening by the fire today. No wine though. Doesn’t interest me yet. I’m dry as a Dave.

  6. martina

    Perhaps you need a baton to direct Sage while you are resting in the chair. Like a field commander. I think Tilly believes what my Mom often says about herself “I may be old, but I’m not stupid”.

  7. Z

    He’s under a lot of stress actually, he’s anxious about me. And about looking after me.

    Dave doesn’t, I’m sure. Funny that it’s the girls who do! I’ll write it with a health warning at the top.

  8. Dave

    Yes, thank you. Permission to skip your post, I mean.

    Have you any paperwork you could clear up, or, indeed, get ahead of yourself? While I’ve been housebound I’ve drafted all my sermons up to Easter.

  9. Z

    I have got paperwork actually. I’ve got a governors’ meeting in a couple of weeks which I have to prepare for and there are other school things. Then there are notes from a meeting I was at last week I have to write and distribute and I can get ahead for something that always catches me out in March. There’s lots of that to do – what I’m short of is what to do when I’m up and about. Walking round the house isn’t exactly a lot of exercise and it’s purposeless as I’m not allowed to bend and I can only carry fairly easy things.

    I didn’t like to ask to record the op, Christopher. I will have to describe the sounds in detail.

    Earthenwitch, I didn’t half bang on, but I do feel for you. Actually, when you’re in the right frame of mind, it’s easier than you think. If you’re not, it’s about impossible. But it’s still just one of those things and that’s all right.

    I’ve had a fab morning, Pat. Dilly washed my feet and then she washed my hair and then she and the Sage did my housework while I read to Pugsley. I’m feeling very loved. And loving, of course.

  10. Anonymous

    Warm wishes for your speedy recovery and revel in the loving vibe around you. You’re aces!

    I shall skip the gory bits ‘coz I’m a gore wimp.

    Mwah, love and lots et al!

    Ann Anon


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