Three squares, and a prime twice

Okay, it was more confusing than I expected it to be ( I should have mentioned from the start that the Sage hasn’t had a birthday yet this year), and a few of you muddied the waters even more, mischievously. He was born in June 36, so was 36 when we married, 36 years ago on Sunday in May 73, and he’ll be 73 next month. It’s all a pleasant linking of numbers – well, so I think anyway, although numbers don’t appeal to everyone as they do to me. Also, 36 is a square number and I’m particularly fond of those. As I am of prime numbers.

I’ve been planting squash plants today. 40-something done, which is about one-third of the total. They cover the ground and are no trouble and although Al can get plenty of traditional Hallowe’en pumpkins and butternut squashes, other varieties are harder and more expensive to come by, and he can sell all I can grow. I just hope that people don’t use my lovely fruits only for decoration rather than eating.

I noticed, when moving the tomato plants that are due to be planted outdoors, that the first fruit has set. They are a bush variety that I haven’t grown before. It was nearly 7.30 before I finished working in the garden (I’d also been scything, which deeply impressed and rather scared the friends who called round) so it was decreed that fish and chips would be the order of the day. Ro was quite relieved, as he’d been steeling himself to eat bloaters.

12 comments on “Three squares, and a prime twice

  1. Z

    You’re quite a rascal yourself, Dave.

    You’re up late aren’t you? I trust you aren’t still writing tomorrow’s sermon.

  2. Z

    5 is an excellent number, particularly for strawberries. Do take care that a blackbird doesn’t eat them.

    Tonight, Ro spontaneously remembered that it will be our anniversary on Sunday. I was so pleased. He said it’s easy to remember as it’s exactly 2 months before his birthday.

  3. Dave

    I too trust I’m not up on a Friday evening ‘still writing tomorrow’s sermon’, for that would mean I had a service on a Saturday, and that wouldn’t do at all.

  4. Dave

    No, I just don’t seem to need much sleep at the moment – however late I go to bed, I’m still getting up at 5.

    I was actually on the computer by mistake last night – I went to switch it off at the socket and accidentally switched it on instead – having done that I thought I ought to see if anyone had written anything since I last looked.

  5. Three Legged Cat

    I also like primes and squares.

    For the last few months, Mr TLC and I are both in our prime (at least as far as our ages are concerned) and have been together for a prime number of years. This might not have any significance whatsoever, but it appeals to me.

  6. Z

    It’s a rather dreadful thought that I’m looking forward to being 64, just for being a square and a cube together. After all it’s something that no one can hope to be more than twice in their life and it’s one of the less interesting things about being 1.

  7. Z

    Well yes, in the same way as I referred to the Sage as 36 when he got married rather than 36 and 11 months, because then the sums wouldn’t work. Only babies are called by their age in months, and only children say exactly how old they are, adding on the months. The rest of us use whole numbers for the year.


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