This post is brought to you by the letter R

This, I requested from Liz Sara and this is how it goes –

You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it on your blog.
Then people leave comments on your post and you assign them letters and the cycle begins once more.

Letter R.

1. The Sage. As you will know if you’ve ever followed the Day Job link, his name is Russell. And as you know if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, I love him.

Um. After a start like that, anything else is a descent into bathos. Still, here goes. In no particular order –

2. Raspberries. The fruit, that is. Absolutely delicious. The best of all the soft fruit, as far as I’m concerned. Autumn raspberries are even better than the summer ones. I don’t mind the pips. I like pips. And if you put them through a sieve, there’s still some body to the purée, unlike a strawberry purée, which is just juice (I’ve nothing against strawberries, mind you).

3. Rivers. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing half as much worthwhile as simply messing about in boats. That’s probably a misquote, because I haven’t checked, but I do love being out on the river in a rowing boat. There’s so much to see – the birds and other wildlife, interesting eddies and currents, the fish and weeds in the shallows – and yet it’s quite peaceful. I feel as if I’m away from any cares of the world. I find rowing satisfying – I like it better than sailing because you can (assuming you’re not in training or racing) watch what’s going on or else go into your own little reverie.

4. Reading. I get anxious if I don’t have a book or other reading matter on hand at all times. I’ve been hooked on reading for a full half-century. I still remember the first book I was able to read by myself and the thrill it gave me for those formerly random letters to make actual words and sentences. I read the book over and over again. It was a Ladybird book, The Farm.

5. Roses. A perfect flower. However much used, not hackneyed. Nothing beats the scent of a rose garden, nor the cool soft touch of the petals.

6. Resourcefulness. I do like people who rise to the occasion, who cope.

7. Ripping Yarns. I enjoy a shaggy dog story, don’t you? Life of Pi by Yann Martell is a case in point. The ending made me laugh out loud.

8. Remembering. As you know, I often do write about memories, and there’s nothing like shared memories to bring you close to someone. Like me and Weeza with Miff Heehog the other day.

9. Rings. I sometimes don’t wear jewellery at all, except for my wedding ring which has worn such a deep groove in my finger that I look odd with it off, but when I do it starts with rings. Usually, my engagement ring (sapphires and diamonds), my 50th birthday pale blue sapphire ring and my mother’s rose quartz ring, which is not at all valuable but which she nearly always wore.

10. Romance. I’m an old softy.

Ten is quite hard, but it’s been a pleasure to drift along. Let me know if you’d like a go and I’ll give you a letter.

24 comments on “This post is brought to you by the letter R

  1. Dave

    ‘there is nothing, absolutely nothing
    half as worth doing as simply messing about in a boat’ so you were pretty-well spot on.

    Don’t like roses myself. I was quite sorry to find two in the garden here. Will now have to find out what type they are, and how to care for them.

  2. Z

    Of course. That’s much better and shows that Kenneth Grahame was a writer and I am not. Roses aren’t that easy to grow well and need some care to thrive. Since I am careless and expect plants to look after themselves, I have few in the garden. You could pop into Peter Beales when you’re calling on Murph in the summer and see if a fabulous rose garden changes your mind.

    Thanks, Jamie. The letter L for you.

    And Mother of the Bride, how about G for you.

    The rivers I like are the sort we get in Norfolk, I grew up by the River Waveney. There are lots of backwaters where you can potter.

  3. luckyzmom

    I would like to do this meme too, but, I haven’t finished the last one yet. I think this is indicitive of my personality or demeanor or what, my life? I just received, as an anniversary gift from my husband, this wonderful ergonomically correct keyboard and mouse to use at my desk with my laptop. This new wireless wonder might possibly make it possible for me to reach 100 posts on my blog after, what, more than two years.

  4. Z

    Penny, I hope Oee will like the letter P.

    LZM, don’t feel obliged, but I’ll give you S.

    I, of course, spend far too much time blogging. I’ve nearly caught up with Dave and his blog is more than a year older and wiser than mine, and he blogs every day too.

  5. Z

    When you wish, you don’t always get just what you want in the way you expect. I should have read your comment here instead of as an email and then I’d have understood you. All the same, do have a go.

    I miss Badgerdaddy’s blog too.


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