This morning I’ve mostly been ……..

…. flirting with my husband.

But then I went and spoiled it all by having jellied eels for lunch and he rather thought that they looked gross. I’ll have to do all that work again this afternoon.

Have a Happy Monday.

4 comments on “This morning I’ve mostly been ……..

  1. Geena

    1. The very idea of jellied eels is nauseating so I’m on hubby’s side. It’s like those vile slimy Danish herrings….vomit inducing stuff.

    2. How lovely you still flirt with hubby. My parents stil adored each other after 50 years together and did way much more than flirt. My Dad used to tease my Mom about chasing her around the house naked (what a thought!) as soon as we all went home after Sunday tea.

  2. Z

    It’s not easy to find food I won’t eat…… I like jellied eel once in a while.

    Heh heh, my husband is not at all flirty himself but he likes me teasing him. He goes all giggly.


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