This is the life – live blogging

At present, I’m sitting on Phil and Weeza’s front lawn relaxing while they clean my car. It’s scorching hot in the sunshine here and I’m very comfortable.

I’ve not been entirely idle. I potted on some basil seedlings and sowed some more, but now my job is done.

What happened, we noticed how dusty the car has suddenly become, as have others, and I said that I wonder if that’s dust/ash from the Icelandic volcano. I added that it needs a wash anyway as there are cat pawmarks all over the bonnet and roof from being parked in their drive for the last couple of weeks. And Weeza said their car is dusty too and maybe Phil would wash them both while she hoovered them.

And then, noticing me tapping away on the phone, she said to Phil, “I think we’re being live-blogged.”

Well, they weren’t, until then. They are now.

It is a beautiful day though. And the hedgerows and trees in blossom are beautiful. The countryside is at it’s very prettiest at this time of the year, I think. I love it when the blackthorn and then the hawthorn are in flower and the fresh, pale green leaves are new.

15 comments on “This is the life – live blogging

  1. Z

    See what you’ve started, Dave? Okay, but can it wait until tomorrow – I’ve just opened a bottle of red. Well, when I say “I’ve just opened”, it was a little while ago and I’m well down the second glassful and I might be drunk in charge of a bicycle.

    Asparagus season has started, you see, and I’m celebrating. Seriously, I love the spring.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend, darlings (and a particular hug to Dave, who isn’t having the best).

  2. Z

    I considered it, Dave, but it was just too rude. Even for me.

    I mean, not in the sense that there was nekkid car-washing going on, but they might have thought I was taking the piss.

    No, we’re not aware of it, unless stuck at an airport, HSWK. Just enjoying the spring sunshine. Well, not right now at quarter past nine in the evening, but it’s been a gorgeous day.

  3. Dave

    I think the odd wet t-shirt photo might enliven blogging no end.

    This is not an invitation to empty a bucket of water over me at the next wall-building session.

  4. Z

    I don’t know why Dave is interested in the sight of Phil in a wet tee shirt. Weeza, using an electric vacuum cleaner, was careful to stay dry. Still, whatever floats Dave’s boat…


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