Thirty-five years!!(!)

Today is our wedding anniversary.

Off to buy more champagne… laters, darlings.

You know, my sister only arrived home from Italy last night and she leapt straight in her car this morning to get here, from the far side of Stonehenge, in time for lunch. Weeza (El seems to have changed her name) and Phil came by train and Dilly was teaching this morning in Diss, so was able to pick them up from the station. Al didn’t arrive home until 7 pm after the busiest day of the year so far and then had to go back after dinner to finish tidying the shop.

The Sage and Phil cooked (on the barbecue), Dilly made the salads and I made Queen of Puddings for old times’ sake (the Sage’s mother used to make it and Weeza particularly liked it as a child). Squiffany and Pugsley were charming and exuberant and went to bed late, after choosing several books to have read to them; Squiffany’s by Weeza and Pugsley by me. Squiff has discovered Beatrix Potter and Pugsley’s choices included Julia Donaldson and Alan Ahlberg.

The Sage and I didn’t exchange presents – we have each other already.

I’d send him my love, but he won’t read this, so I’ll go and tell him instead. Goodnight.

22 comments on “Thirty-five years!!(!)

  1. Dave

    I got married in the 70’s too. My son reminded me about my outfit (he’s seen the photos – he wasn’t there) when we went for a fitting for outfits for my daughter’s wedding last weekend (the fitting, not the wedding, that’s not until November).

    Flared trousers, a suit jacket with very wide lapels and a velvet kipper tie featured prominently. My son tells me that would look fashionable today.

    His tastes are clearly as bad as mine.

  2. Z

    Dave will have to post a picture, Gordie. I may be a Lowestoft girl (the Town of the Velvet Kipper) but I’m still stunned.

  3. sablonneuse

    Bit late, but many congratulations. It’s so lovely to know that some couples are so happy together.
    We were at a wedding yesterday and I’d like to hope that the newly weds will have a long and happy marriage ahead of them – like yours.


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