Thinking of my sister

My sister, Wink, rang tonight to say that our friend Dodo is in hospital. She is 95 years old, lives alone and hasn’t been managing to look after herself very well for the last couple of weeks. Wink had been going to visit her last week (she lives about 50 miles away) but Dodo rang to put her off – she never says what’s wrong on these occasions, just that she doesn’t really feel up to visitors. She’s never made a fuss and manages very capably normally, but – well, she’s 95 and age is taking its toll.

Dodo was my mother’s oldest friend. When they met, Mummy was 18 and Dodo was 28 and they were friends for over 60 years. She’s Wink’s godmother and they have always been close.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the death of Wink’s husband Alan.

Love and hugs to you, Winkie darling.

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  1. Z

    Benj was, indeed, the man, Martin. Someone, in their blog some while back, asked which character in history you’d want to be – he was my choice.


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