Things could be worse

I was chatting to a friend (on MSN, one only has time for virtual friends nowadays) about workload. I said that I’d had a spate of meetings and had a bad build-up of follow-up work from them. He agreed gloomily. The trouble is, he said, that when your workload is being planned, they allow for the meetings but not for the preparation or the follow-up.

You will notice, pedantically, that I didn’t put in quotation marks there, even though I wrote ‘I said’ (single q mark: doesn’t count). You will then have realised that is because he didn’t say it, he wrote it. But if I had put ‘he wrote’ it would have looked just a touch fussy, wouldn’t it.

Anyway, after this morning’s meeting I have, not only an alarming amount of work to do but a week’s tighter deadline than I had appreciated.

Otherwise, all is sunny and cheerful, literally and figuratively. It’s a gorgeous day, cloudless sky, warm but with a fresh breeze so that it doesn’t seem airless. My friend Ab is on holiday this week, out of the country. I hope he’s having a delightful time but I’ll remind him next year, May is the best time to be in England. Still spring but feels like summer, the lilac is in flower and, best of all, asparagus is on the menu.

And my house is clean and there are enough leftovers for me not to have to cook tomorrow. For a melancholy and pessimistic person (for then I am rarely disappointed), I feel quite chipper.

And I’ve just noticed this is my hundredth post. Woo-hoo. Who’d have thought it. It took me rather more than 100 days to get here, but we’re all allowed a day off now and again.

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