Theta. Hmm. I haven’t been to the theta in ages

I should have been going next week, but it clashed with the only suitable week for the Bod to go to Portugal. So Wink and I have meekly and really quite cheerfully made other arrangements, and Weeza and Dilly are going to see Falstaff.

Today, I went to the Remembrance Day service at the high school, and very moving it was, to have over a thousand silent people in the hall. I hope the teenagers found food for thought and I think they must have. Hugs were exchanged afterwards between me and friends (not pupils; some staff and fellow governors) and then the Chairman and I went and had lunch together. I drank, nervously. I drank a lot. I felt quite waterlogged. And tealogged.

Maybe as a result, I didn’t faint this afternoon. If you remember, when I last gave blood I had the mortifying experience* of fainting in the middle of the town. I was standing getting money out of the cashpoint at the time, and all I can say is that I managed to wait for both my card and my cash before keeling over. Someone gave me the receipt afterwards. I frightened poor Al into abandoning his shop and taking me in his loving arms.

Ha, You see what happens when you accept me as your mother (cheers, darlings, for being so lovely about yesterday’s post).

Not a lot else has happened. I gave good and motherly advice to two women of about my age (and practical help too, I was helping, honestly, not telling them what to do). I came home to mild disapproval from the Sage because of what I’ve offered to do, but he’ll rally round because he’s rather lovely that way, and I rearranged the furniture so that the radiator can be turned on tomorrow (the sofa was in front and would have absorbed all the heat). It’s warm in here now, but it’s time to turn the heating on. Last year, we didn’t last to the end of October and it’s almost halfway through November, so we”ve done better, Mind you, we haven’t had snow yet, and we did last October. And every month until the spring.

Must sort out my travel insurance. Oh dear. And next week, must buy boots. Last winter I had to manage without as you can’t rely on the sales. I want lovely comfy boots, regrettably low-heeled, but nice enough to take me through the winter without feeling underdressed but still able to ride a bike and walk without limping more than usual. I had to stand for 45 minutes this morning, which was not that easy, but I mostly stood on one leg with the other propped for show and it was all right. I hadn’t taken any tablets because I didn’t think it would be fair for the recipient of my delicious red blood.

That reminds me, do you know your blood group? I don’t need to know what it is, just interested to know if you know, and if not, have you ever had it tested so had a chance to ask? Please let me know, anonymously if you”d rather, but in that case, please say if you’re man or woman. Thank you.

*though I was more turned to jelly than stone

13 comments on “Theta. Hmm. I haven’t been to the theta in ages

  1. Imperatrix

    I do remember that incident last year! Must have been pleasant not to have it happen again.

    I know my blood type because I used to donate every 3 months (without donations I wouldn’t have survived a childhood incident, so I feel it’s my duty to “pass it forward”, if you will). Unfortunately, now that I’m fighting anemia, I can’t donate any more, and that makes me sad.

  2. Eddie 2-Sox

    A Negative; I doubt I’ll ever forget it after writing it on tape to stick on various bits of uniform, in various places around the globe. Ditto my service number I guess.

  3. thalie

    Hello Z, I’m B negative, I’ve known it since I was a teenager as that’s when I starting donating, in the footsteps of my Mother.

    Sadly, I can’t donate anymore because I’m anaemic too. As the recipient of several blood transfusions for said anaemia, which make me feel wonderful, I’m very grateful to those of you who can and do.

  4. Blue Witch

    O negative. So, you can all have some of mine, in an emergency, but I can’t have any of yours.

    I refuse to give blood because the NHS *STILL* sell it abroad, for profit, which I think is scandalous. Not something they publicise much, eh?

  5. Z

    Oh, like Weeza.

    Interesting, that you will carry a donor card when I won’t, but I’ll give blood when you won’t. My sister wouldn’t be alive without a lot of blood products, so I owe. I’ll owe for a few more years, just to break even. Not to mention the couple of pints my mother had. I don’t mind what the NHS does with it.


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