There’s always jam tomorrow…

It seems that there might be music … or maybe not.  But anyway, if anyone feels they’d like to bring an instrument to the blog party and a willingness to improvise with anyone else who might have done the same, it could happen.  And it could be fun, perhaps?

i might get JonnyB with his banjo.  Eddie2Sox with spoons.  Me with the clarinet and LT on guitar.  Sir B is a drummer.  So…???

By the way, yesterday’s post decided that it should be an update from a January post with a completely different name.  I’ve corrected the date but it might not have turned up in your feed reader.  I enthused.  Which is probably enough to say, really, except – ooh, Soan Papdi!

3 comments on “There’s always jam tomorrow…

  1. dinahmow

    Oh dear…I’m going to miss it.(A coouple of shrbets and I may have been persuaded to …[close bracket]…or even parenthesis.
    I’m looking forward to highlights of the day.


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