The Zed Shed!!!*

A break from nostalgia, darlings.  I’ve been wallowing too deeply and I need to wade out and dry off a bit.  Although I realised I was too much in the habit of telling you my daily round and I resist habit, so a different style of content is a good thing.

What I want to tell you about is my shed.  Yes, my very own shed!  The Sage, Al and Mike put it up today while I was in Norwich.  It’s quite small, about 6′ by 8′, but it’s my very own and when there’s a lock on the door I’m jolly well holding on to the key.  It’s mine!  The Sage may borrow tools from it, but only if he brings them back.  If not, it’ll be the last time, I’m quite determined.  Actually, I stood in there (it’s quite empty at present) and shut the door and felt … what does this say about me? … I felt safe and happy.  Not that I’m unsafe nor even unhappy, or vice versa, when out of the shed, but it must have something to do with the confined space.

I was in Norwich to buy presents for Zerlina’s and Augustus’s birthdays this weekend.  And their parents’ wedding anniversary – 7 years – is the day in between.  Wink is coming up for the triple celebration.  Well, it’ll be a single party on Sunday.  But anyway, she’s coming and I’m so looking forward to seeing her.  And maybe she’ll put me right on a few details about the Doghouse.  I’m putting off the next dog blog, I have to admit, because it leads to a dark period and, as you know, I keep it light.

I also met Ro for lunch, which was lovely.  I’ve not seen him for several weeks and had birthday presents to give him.  Sadly, his birthday was three weeks ago.  Indeed, bad mother.

*Hah, Jonny B, hah.  I have claimed the !!! as my own.

18 comments on “The Zed Shed!!!*

  1. Z

    It’s a working shed, for potting up and blogging and stuff! I’ll have tools there. Remember, I’m a practical and useful Z.

  2. allotmentqueen

    Oh my dear, I am so jealous. What would I give to have a shed of my own! And yes, it has to be totally yours. I have by now got to the point of rebuying all the tools that I like to use due to my original ones having been borrowed and “put in a sensible place” (ie somewhere that I don’t know where they are).

    And, as you know, I can outdo anyone on the bad mother stakes.

  3. mig

    A shed is a wonderful thing – especially if it has a lock and key!

    I’m still trying to decide on a present for my youngest for her birthday which was in May. This is not so much from badness as from bafflement. Though obviously it’s quite bad too.

  4. Mike and Ann

    I have not only a shed (turned into a forge) but a large dry cellar – could any bloke want more?
    On the other hand, Ann has turned our third bedroom into a sewing room (and has her own garden shed). So we’re both happy.

  5. wendz

    You’ve made me laugh out loud..the Zed Shed..sounds so retro…half expect The Avengers to come bursting in.

    I miss Jonny B’s blog. He was one of the really good ones.

  6. Z

    The Sage has lost my two best pairs of secateurs since the spring, which I’m not best pleased about, and I can’t find any of our garden shears. Since he never does any gardening, this is quite odd. But I’ll turn out the old shed which he’s filled with stuff, take what I want and buy the rest.

    The longer it is before it happens, the more important it is to get it right! Maybe a joint birthday/Christmas present would be in order – otherwise, by the time you’ve thought of the one it’ll be time for the other!

    A forge! Mike, I’m jealous.

    I know, Wendz, I miss it too.

  7. Blue Witch

    A shed of one’s own. Great place to escape when the piles elsewhere are mounting I find.

    I think you need to do some artwork to decorate the walls. Or maybe get the grandchildren to? Pictures, murals…

    Where is it situated?

  8. Blue Witch

    And I am intrigued by Mike’s forge in a shed. Fire in wood? Surely not?

    I’d love Mr BW to set up a forge here, rather than rent space elsewhere, because the noise would drive the (not very near anyway) neighbours as mad as their barking dogs and screaming brats drive me.

  9. Mike and Ann

    One end of the shed is lined with the modern equivalent of asbestos to cut down any fire risk. There is a double anvil (smaller one slots into larger one) just outside the shed. The forge itself, built of fire bricks on an iron flame, and a calor gas bottle is the source of heat. Tend to use it for silver soldering, brazing and some iron reshaping and tempering. Not pretty, but effective, and not nearly as smelly as I remember the traditional village forge was. I don’t shoe horses, but can make most metal parts necessary to the repair of antique clocks, etc.

  10. Z

    It’s by the wall on the kitchen garden side. We’re also planning a covered lean-to to keep pots and the wheelbarrow. Ideally, that will extend to the greenhouse so that I can potter to and fro and not get wet. Well, not much, the shed door won’t be under cover.

    I expect pictures will happen, but maybe I’ll get some shelves and so on inside first. No, it isn’t very big, but nor am I.


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