The Way to Z’s heart…

…A friend rang with a message for the Sage, who was out, and we had a chat. He’s a charming chap (and a regular on the Antiques Roadshow; keep an eye out and see if you can spot him). In the course of conversation, I mentioned that I shall always hold him in the highest esteem, since the occasion when he put his cup of tea on the floor by his chair, our (late lamented) setter, Chester went to greet him, put his snout in the cup and had a good slurp. Friend C. airily drank the rest of his tea without a qualm.

That’s the sort of man I respect. And I said so…

9 comments on “The Way to Z’s heart…

  1. martina

    Yes, he must be quite the nice man. He can come over to our house anytime. The dogs prefer coffee with cream…
    I always figured Eric, the AR appraiser from Yorkshire would be like that.

  2. Chairwoman of the bored

    Every day, the much lamented Griffy slurped some of the Chairman’s coffee whilst his ‘back was turned’. The Chairman always drank the coffee.

    Griffy was also partial to a slurp of red wine if left within his reach (he was a big dog), but wasn’t keen on white or spirits.

    His preferred beer was Lowenbrau.

  3. Z

    Only if it’s an 18th Century dog bowl, Dave.

    Splendid chap, and he wrote the definitive book on early L’toft porcelain 20-odd years ago.


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