The sun shone

So we made hay.
A good crop this year, because of all the May rain. The farmer who keeps his dry (that is, very pregnant so not being milked) cows on the Ups and Downs cuts the hay and he says the cows love it, probably because it is neither sprayed nor artificially fertilised, and it is a tasty mix of four types of grass. When ragwort or thistles grow, we weed by hand. That is, pull them out before they seed, I wouldn’t want anyone to surmise that we go over a 4-acre field with a trowel.

And, although you’ve seen the wisteria already this year, the evening sun on the house always makes it the best time of day for a photo.
With a better view of the Tudor chimney and you can see the Victorian ones too. This house has had a good many alterations in 450 years.

Yes indeed, you can see the creeper growing over onto the roof at the gable end. And, you’re right again, that is a bramble growing through the hebe in the foreground. Time to turn our attention from the vegetables and towards the rest of the garden I suppose.

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