The smoother

Actually, things are pulling together quite nicely. People are so helpful and friendly (Well no, I do appreciate that not everyone is. But the majority, by far). Every person I’ve needed to speak to today has been positive and constructive in their comments (even if a bit long-winded, some of them…..) and although I felt, a couple of hours ago, a little overwhelmed, now I’ve had a chance to regroup my attacking forces (I’ve calmed down and cheered up), it won’t take much to get things working nicely.

Yes, okay, you might indeed suggest that I live in Cloud Cuckoo Land (and how many of you have actually seen a production of Aristophanes’ ‘The Birds’? I have, In Greek furthermore. Ancient Greek. I didn’t understand one bloody word). But this is the start of the email I’ve just received – “You’re an absolute delight & always make me feel better!”

Now that was not a flirtatious comment (he’s not like that* and he’s nearly 20 years younger than I am), but he wrote to me a couple of hours ago feeling hurt (not at me), and if only I had thought things through I could have prevented that happening. I’ve done my best to soothe him, and evidently it’s worked. And what a nice reaction, to repay the compliment, and cheer and soothe in his turn. But it does show that the summer is over, it’s time to take work seriously. As if I’d done my job, he never would have been upset.

The smoother. It’s what I’m best at. I prefer to say ‘problem-solver’ but I’m not really as useful as that.

* did you notice I didn’t say ‘neither of us is like that’?

6 comments on “The smoother

  1. Geena

    Z – not only are you a smoother, you’re also an uplifter…that’a a great gift to have. Even just being on your blog is soothing and calming and – well – uplifting.

  2. Z

    Oh Stitchwort, I wish I’d gone to your school. I’d have loved that.

    I always wanted to learn classical Greek but my school didn’t offer it. Later, when my elder son was taking Greek GCSE I looked at his books, thinking that maybe I could have a go then.

    I was too late. It was way beyond me.


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