The Saturday of Z

“The Radio of Damocles” said Ro as he came into the room. I’d just put iTunes on shuffle (always a mistake) and I thought for a moment he was talking about ‘Making Plans for Nigel’ (XTC) which happened to have just taken over disconcertingly from Sidney Bechet. But he was right. I had a radio hanging over my head.

This house has thick walls and can’t receive a digital signal everywhere, and recently I moved the table a bit (and can’t move it back or the printer lead won’t reach the computer) and I had had to hold the radio up when I wanted to listen to it. But there’s a hook in the beam, so finally that was where I put it to receive a good signal. But I turned it off when Any Questions came on, as there’s too much dissension and bad temper and I don’t want that in my life.

I decided to make soup and cycled in for the ingredients. As I came home, there was a dove in my path – there’s only a few yards of cycle path, but a car must have hit it and spun it from the road. It was still alive and its wing fluttered. I couldn’t leave it and stopped and got off, wondering how much force was the minimum I needed to use (awful to make it suffer worse, but what would cause bloodshed, almost as bad? Sorry). Between my stopping, and picking it up, it died. I put it over the fence in the long grass.

Certainly a sign of winter, however sunny the day had been, when I feel the urge to make minestrone. A substantial soup, followed only by baked potatoes and cheese. And now, as I sit here, coffee. Next, I will cuddle my dog and read the papers.

9 comments on “The Saturday of Z

  1. Z

    Dave soup – nourishing and delicious. Yes, a different blue. I don’t much like any of the colours on offer so I change frequently.

  2. luckyzmom

    What’s the soup? Sign me up for the baked potatoes and cheese. I had one in a pub in London that I instantly thought about when you mentioned them. I can still envision it. We had just visited a round church where everyone was busy making rubbings. Ahhh…and now I am thinking of other delicious food I ate when I was there. I think I am on a minnie vacation:)

  3. Z

    It is minestrone. Ro asked what was in it; I said onion, carrot, tomato, leek, mushroom, brussels sprout, courgette, garlic, bacon, stock, tomato purée, salt, pepper, macaroni and haricot beans. There’s still half of it left.


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