The Sage is Reliable, again and again

There was a PCC meeting this evening, but it’s also the night of the Gardening Club. I’d have rather gone to the latter, but duty called – however, Al and Dilly were going so needed a babysitter. I volunteered Ro, which was not very bright, as he’s away on a business trip and I hadn’t actually checked when to expect him back.

In the event, the Sage missed the PCC meeting, which he didn’t mind at all.

I returned from the town at lunchtime to find a note saying that he was babysitting Pugsley. When I’d eaten, I went to say hello, and give him a break. Later, the Sage returned and took over again.

Tonight, Dilly asked if I’d changed Pugsley’s nappy. I said I had. “Ah”, she said. “*The Sage* said his nappy had been changed – I didn’t think that necessarily meant he had done the changing…”

Actually, he did his share of babycare when ours were little. He was splendid with nappies and even better on night-time illness duty.

He cheered me yet again this afternoon, coming in with a copy of the Sunday paper (the newsagent had sent ours back as we hadn’t picked it up on Sunday morning). He had asked Jack, who delivers the papers, who else in the village takes it – three people had it delivered, one couple are friends, and they had finished with it but not yet put it in the bin. Splendid.

To change the subject completely, this end of January holds a few anniversaries. I won’t say the actual days as I choose not to mark unhappy dates, but this week it’s 38 years since my father died and 21 years since my stepfather died.

And, going from pathos to bathos, as Dave elegantly put it, my second blog-anniversary fast approaches. I can’t quite be bothered to look up the date of that, but it’s in a few days. Marvellous.

12 comments on “The Sage is Reliable, again and again

  1. Dave

    Thank you, both of you. I can’t believe I invented the phrase myself – no doubt I read it somewhere, and it has stuck in my mind. It has a nice ring to it – I expect one of your erudite readers (like dandelion) will tell you from where I (subconsciously) pinched it.

  2. Z

    On the other hand, Dave, I’ve had the theme to ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again’ ringing in my head ever since you referred to Angus Prune.

  3. Z

    Hang on, since when have I been ‘blogger z’? I didn’t notice that a few minutes ago.

    Now I’ve got that Lumberjack song in my head too. At least that wasn’t sung by Bill Oddie (oh thanks for that, Dave, that’s another fact seared into my unwilling brain).

  4. The Boy

    Oh I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK… one of my all time favourite songs. And will now be running through my head for the rest of the day.

    Why is it women always assume men run away from changing nappies? I suppose many of our sex use the excuse we’re useless at it, but we aren’t all so by a long mile. Well done the Sage.

    Happy blogiversary dear, well done!

  5. Z

    At least you like it, so won’t hate me for putting it in your mind!

    My Dilly is a canny girl. She noticed that the Sage said that Pugsley had had a nappy change, not that he’d done it on this occasion.


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