The Sage is outbid

He did bid for the flask, and was prepared to splurge – but it went way outside our price range, selling for £24,000 (hammer price, it pushes £30,000 with premium and VAT) , which has to be a record price.  I’m just glad to have had the chance to hold and admire it.  Remarkably, it was bought by a London dealer.

The Sage did buy one item, which went within its estimate.  A lot of pieces went way above.  Way.

I’ve had a really busy day, looking after Zerlina all morning and then meetings in overwarm room in the afternoon and evening, and now I can hardly get my sboes on.  I’m off for a cool bath and an early night – sorry darlings, I’m short-changing you.  And the Sage is tired too, as the train was delayed by a signal failure.  We’ve had to put off Dave, with apologies, from bricklaying tomorrow.


7 comments on “The Sage is outbid

  1. Z

    Or possible Good Morning, Dave.

    Interesting that Goodnight can be one word, but Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Day are each two.

  2. Z

    Well, we’ve still got the money in the bank. And it all sounded jolly exciting. Pity that that the Sage has lost the record for the highest Lowestoft auction price, but we’ve still got it for an (L) animal.

    G’day. Neither one thing nor yet the other, as we say in the village.

    No, darlings, not the Village. That’s quite different.

  3. Z

    I did wear shoes for the meetings too. And I’m recovering, gradually.

    Not only two words, but a letter we don’t have over here. Classy.


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