The Sage hears and eBays

Today, the Sage and I have been doing some sorting out.  We haven’t got that far, but there is progress of a sort, in that there is now a pile of items to show to the family and, unless anyone wants to keep them, we shall sell them.

Both of us are finding that our despair at having too much stuff is overriding a wish to keep what belonged to family members.  And so, unless one of my children or my sister wants it, my grandfather’s barograph will go.  So will (so far) two boxfuls of Victorian silver plate.  On the Sage’s part, his mother’s collection of Victorian Christmas and other cards will go unless anyone objects.  We found a pair of spats – huh? – and various other oddments.  Things that I couldn’t have let go when my mother died, nearly nine years ago, I’m willing to say goodbye to now, and even the Sage is letting go some of his tight grasp on memorabilia – although I’ll believe it when I see it happen.

At present, since Phil and Lisa can’t make the August date, it looks as though we may be coming back to the last Saturday in May for the party.  Is there anyone who would like to come but definitely can’t manage that date?  I know it isn’t first choice for a couple of people – oh, and I took off the 30th June because Chris and J can’t come then, but they’re not sure if they will be able to come at all (such lovely people even to consider basing a visit from the South of France on our party) and they assure me that they will not be offended if that’s the chosen date.  So how would that be as an alternative for everyone else? Though I’d rather not choose a day that rules out anyone, I felt bad enough about Roses last year.

But thinking about it, the 26th May could be a good time.  Just a couple of days after our wedding anniversary, you could all come and drink a toast to the next 39 years.

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  1. Rog

    We’ve sold a couple of barographs to Australia.
    End May sounds OK to us – I should be in recovery from cycling diagonally across Wales shortly before.
    What about that young girl from York who had the health scare last year – is she coming?

  2. Z

    I think we’d all love to meet her in person, Rog, having read the tshirt.

    Won’t be a party without you and Mrs Rine. And if I can get the Sage going on this eBay thing, a prior invitation to lunch might be forthcoming, to take advantage of your expertise. The family will be here at the end of January, no decisions made before then.

  3. PixieMum

    May 26 sounds a good date for us, unless the OU set up a study day or weekend then.

    We would not want August 4 as it is during the Olympics so we would not wish to travel during the games. The road cycling comes near us, we may try to view it.

    will be in contact with Ian’s cousin for the use of her holiday accommodation.

    Thank you for inviting us, also Ian will be interested in the wall and the bricks.

  4. Alienne

    I will put the date in my diary and see if I can make it as it is not that far from Kent. But the end of course assignment for my OU course is due that week so if I am struggling with that I will have to stay at home and work!

  5. Phil

    30th June should be ok with us if you need an alternative. I’ll persuade Lisa to wear the ‘Brains’ t-shirt, if our young friend can’t make it.

  6. Z

    Looks promising then, as long as Alienne cracks on with her OU work and Mig doesn’t mind taking time off from her camping trip.

    Ours is the rectangular box sort of barograph, but it’s pine rather than the startlingly expensive mahogany one on eBay. Still, now I’ve seen it may be actually worth something, I suspect it’ll be going.

  7. mig

    You have a high class of stuff to dispose of! Mine seems to be mostly small unlovable items, a lot of old photos and some large, ugly pieces of glass and pottery.
    I will inform other campers of an impending absence. I’m sure they’ll cope.

  8. dharmabum

    I love giving/selling/throwing things away. so much so, at times, others @ home hide things from me! i think the lesser we possess, the simpler life becomes.
    happy new year, z.

  9. Pat

    What good sense preparing to part with clobber. It seems the older one gets the more one realises how necessary it is to be ruthless and the less one is inclined to do so.

  10. Z

    You and my husband would have no mutual understanding at all, Dharmabum!

    I say to him, Pat, when we die the children will be so overwhelmed that they’ll take most of it to the tip, or else sell it for a song. I don’t mind what he wants to keep as long as he looks at it once in a while.

  11. 63mago

    Collecting is a state of mind. I could not tolerate the books here, around me, if I would not use them from time to time, had to use them – they are tools after all.
    Sometimes I dream of the “getting rid of all” – how to call it? Attitude? Phantasey?
    Clear rooms, clear spaces, sharp lines, defined everything, all in relations, all “clear” … but it does not work so, life doesn’t do it so. Shades, bends and strange areas. And we have to sink the searchlights again and again.

    Sorry for blabbing.

    Is it ever lost?


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