The Sage broadcasts

By the way, the Sage will, briefly, be on television this week. He gets roped in occasionally as a china specialist – the edition of Fl0g It with him has been on four times now, and several friends assume it’s been four separate appearances! I don’t know which day and I’m wondering whether to tell you what I do know.

Tell me, do you rather like the mysterious ‘Sage’ or do you want to put a face and possibly a name (don’t know if they’ll give it) to the identity?

Two things – it’s daytime TV, and if it’s on today you might well miss it anyway!

Update Dilly took the children indoors for lunch. Suddenly, Squiffany said “Look! It’s Grandpa on the telly!” “But I’m here,” said the Sage. She looked from the screen to Grandpa, quizzically.

Sorry, Pat. If anyone was watching W0rk1ng Lunch on BBC2 today, that was him. I didn’t see it myself, I was at work. Dilly recorded it, though.

11 comments on “The Sage broadcasts

  1. martin

    I am between to stools. There is the mystery of the Sage..his cloak swooshing around Norfolk, on the hunt for pots…..then there’s the Sage who goes to get fish and chips. I have rescheduled my whole day,as I fully intend to watch flog it, everyday this week. I once bumped into Paul Martin on the banks of the Serpentine…funny old world.

  2. Z

    As far as I know, the Sage edition of Flog It is not on this week, Martin. it’s a different programme entirely.

    Not that I would wish to put you off watching the lovely Paul Martin

  3. Z

    Sorry Pat, see the update!

    I won’t see it myself until tomorrow as I’ve a meeting this evening. My DVD player’s been on the blink for a while and I haven’t bothered to get it repaired, so I couldn’t record it myself.

    Murph, you get worse!

  4. martina

    We don’t get “Flog It” in the U.S. and Americans might think the show involves physical cruelty rather than selling antiques. Darn, I imagine Sage to look a bit like that tweed wearing man on Antiques Roadshow whose glasses are perched midnose and has a large black moustache–sort of an academic look.

  5. Z

    Still divided by our common language, aren’t we.

    No, the Sage doesn’t look like Dav1d Batt1e, charming though he is. He came to give the *society wot I’m chairman of* a study day a while ago – he only told one of us quietly at the end that his wife had been taken seriously ill a couple of days before and was in hospital. Not a hint of distraction or anything less than friendly professionalism. But he doesn’t look like my husband!

  6. martina

    Nr. Battie seems to be very classy and well versed in Asian antiques and other items. Personally my favorite is Harry Sandon-a good sense of humor and you can tell he really enjoys teaching people.


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