The rest of Z’s week has suddenly got busy

You may remember, though if you do it might be worth considering if you have too little else to occupy your mind, that I go every year to Duxford. This evening, he cheerily reminded me “still all right for Friday?’

Yes, this Friday. I wonder why he’d told me the 29th when I last saw him. “Oops” he fluttered when I reminded him. Fortunately, Friday is okay. It does mean I’ll have to get going early tomorrow though, for I am looking after the children all day, so that Dilly can look after Pugsley the cat while her sister is at work. Poor little cat is a bit traumatised and, if left alone, worries at his stitches. He has a plastic collar, but wriggles out of it.

I picked up my new contact lenses today. Now I have a single focus lens in one eye (multi focus in the other) the cost has come down considerably. However, Val from the pet shop tells me she gets hers by mail order, which halves the cost again. I am not untempted … but I’m also taking into account the service I’ve had. I paid for the eye test, but since then, I’ve been given three trial lenses, two small bottles of cleaning solution as I’d run out and several extra consultations, all at no extra charge. They deserve the custom, surely.

I went to another concert tonight – an amazing virtuoso performance by Thomas Zehetmair, who achieved violin effects I’ve never heard before. Ysaÿe, Paganini and Berio.

I must away to my bed. I have ten flower arrangements to dismantle before 9 tomorrow morning.

Thursday morning. Correction. Fourteen before 7.45.

7 comments on “The rest of Z’s week has suddenly got busy

  1. Z

    Val says that you have to be able to show your prescription. I seem to remember a fuss, a year or two ago, about lenses being sold without proof of an eye test via the internet.

  2. The Boy

    Good service deserves repeat custom, even if it costs a bit more.

    We don’t get out enough yet, kids are still young and we don’t have good babysitting on tap. Quite jelous of your getting out to a concert. We, once upon a time, did that a lot…

  3. martin

    I love Duxford. It was one of the last places I visted with my Dad. We had to go and see a Dakota the sort of plane he jumped out of it the “Paras”. Very fond memories of eating ice creams in the sun and laughing out loud………

  4. Z

    We had parents nearby when our children were young, Boy – but not much spare money, so it was more likely to be supper with friends.

    Martin, I’ll think of you and your dad when I’m there tomorrow. Apparently, I’ll be helping with making geodesic domes. Luckily, I know a little about them.


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