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I moved the rest of my clothes out of the wardrobes in the bedroom and into the new ones in the dressing room. As I went, I put aside those I’d never wear again, for whatever reason – or most of them, anyway. I’ve allowed myself some sentiment, because why not? I’ve kept my first wedding dress – the little yellow mini i bought for £5; the black and white checked dress I wore for my wedding reception and the – very much prettier and more flamboyant – pink and white dress that my mother wore, as well as the black velvet dress I wore to have my portrait painted as my wedding present to Russell. I have also kept four splendid dresses from the early 1970s that belonged to my mother – one Susan Small dress, marvellously fringed in the flapper style, one from Fortnum and Mason and one, predominantly orange, with a swirling psychedelic pattern that typified the late hippy time; plus a very pretty deep pinky-red dress, just because it’s pretty.

Lots of my clothes are really old. I’ve only thrown out the ones that are much too young for me, or are too tired to be fit to wear again. I had a pang at discarding a few garments that I was fond of, but they might be worn again, having been taken to the charity shop. The rest will go for recycling. It’s the first proper turn-out I’ve had for over three years and was well overdue. I realise that I don’t, now, have a single suit and only a few things that would be appropriate for a business meeting. Nor do I have much that I could wear for a party. I’ve hardly any long dresses or skirts – they must have gone the last time round. It’s all quite all right, this reflects the sort of thing I do wear and what I need, but also shows how one’s situation changes. Additionally, I have so few pairs of shoes, now that I go straight from winter boots to summer sandals. If I were suddenly invited to lots of jollifications, I’d have some shopping to do – not that this is particularly likely. I’d be fine for a wedding, actually, I’ve got two wedding outfits Right There, from Ronan’s and from mine and Tim’s. Actually, I’d rather like to wear them again and don’t get many chances. Anyone getting married or having a big bash and would like me to come along? Tim scrubs up pretty well too, when the occasion demands…

4 comments on “The outer Z

  1. Glenda

    No, sorry no weddings or big do’s on my schedule. When it gets a little warmer, I too am going thru the closet for a good weeding out.
    Problem is I take everything out and look at it and then get tired of the process and just pile it all back in again.

  2. Kipper

    Do women actually wear long dresses that much anymore? I binge watched the Marie Kondo series and then went to sort out my clothes. Hardly any of them sparked joy!

    1. Z Post author

      I don’t think so, except at very formal dos. I’ve discarded a couple of tops that I really like – but they’re sleeveless and a bit too vesty for this elderly Z!


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