The Old Wife’s Tale

I had an open mind – I wouldn’t have been surprised if it didn’t work, but I was prepared to give it a go…

I got a nasty splinter in my right forefinger yesterday.  I picked up a piece of wood, the splinter was on the far side, it went in deep and broke.  I ooohed and ouched a bit and wasn’t sure, since the skin was torn and it bled, whether there was anything still in there until later.  Since it was my right hand, I asked Russell to try to get it out for me.  He worried away at it valiantly with a sterilised needle, but had no luck.  So I put a dab of ointment and some sugar on it, then a plaster.  It was a vaguely remembered salve from way back – it’s supposed to draw the splinter out, i don’t know how.

Anyway, it works.  I just took off the plaster, gave a little squeeze and a quarter of an inch/half a centimetre of wood extruded itself.  I was impressed.  It hadn’t looked nearly that long, it must have been in quite deep.

Anyway, heart-warming moment of the day was when Zerlina went to greet Gus and Weeza.  The siblings’ faces lit up when they saw each other and they ran to each other’s arms and hugged and hugged.  I had quite a funny feeling in my chest, it was so lovely.

And it was a lovely day overall.  Weeza was amused to see the food that I’d got in – she knew who had been in charge of the shopping trolley.  I’ve sent them back with various goodies that I’ll never use, but I see that there are still some more things.  We may see each other over the weekend – I know Easter is late this year, but I haven’t got around to thinking about it yet.

R went to a funeral the other side of Norwich this afternoon – no one I knew.  He was out for a long time – when he arrived home, he mentioned that there was Tortoise Club this evening.  He’d wanted to take the babies in to get them weighed and checked, but I suggested he gives it a miss.  He’ll be so tired by the end of the day.  My mother, in her seventies, used to say “Only one crisis  a day,” meaning any engagement, social or otherwise, and she was right.  You have to pace yourself a bit as you get older, I think.  I’ve realised at last that I’m better not working in the evening, and only do so if it’s unavoidable.  Having said that, I’m a bit behindhand this week – but I’m rather drawn to unwinding at the moment.  The sun is shining (showing that the windows need to be cleaned, but no matter) and it’s time to have a glass of wine and cook some dinner.

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