The heat of the day

It seems that there’s going to be another heatwave next week.  So I thought I’d better deal with the glut of aubergines today, while the kitchen wasn’t intolerably hot.

I may have mentioned, I bought 50 small boxes, the sort you get when you order a takeaway.  This was on the recommendation of Mike and they’re great.  They’re big enough to be useful but small enough not to take up a lot of room in the fridge or freezer and, when empty, they stack neatly.  I’ve only got 7 left – of course, they’re reusable, but I think I’d better get another 50 – they’re really cheap too, unlike Tupperware and such splendid stuff.  Anyway, I’ve filled another dozen or so today and also done that egg and breadcrumbed aubergine thing that I mentioned a week or two ago.  It took a loonng time this afternoon – I used 7 or 8 aubergines, made two and a half Aga trayfuls in all (some 40 slices) and also made some purée to have yoghurt added to in due course (please note that using dreadful grammar that, nevertheless, works, is an acute pleasure for me).  The aubergine slices are being open-frozen and will be bagged up tomorrow.  I have also made the glut of milk into white sauce – I was going to go down the proper béchamel route but decided a basic sauce was more useful in the freezer.  I have two pints of milk delivered a week but I often go for weeks without drinking any and LT doesn’t use it much either.  Anyway.  Lovely Tim is cooking dinner tonight and I don’t intend to do much more than be scintillating company as his reward.

Next week has filled up too.  I’m still hanging on to Friday but I do seem to have something of a compulsion to be really busy.  I can and do relax, but I schedule time for it. I think I need to work on that a bit, once I have less in the diary.


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