The Gardening Club Annual Show

Today, I have eaten 9 Victoria sponge cakes, 5 plates of brownies, 3 plates of savoury muffins, 2 plates of gingerbread men, a dozen pots of jam, 8 pots of chutney, 2 pots of pickle, 5 jugs of non-alcoholic summer drinks, 10 plates of fruit scones, 4 plates of cheese straws and 5 jars of marmalade, and cracked and inspected 4 eggs.

After that, I had lunch.

We had fish and chips for dinner, but I couldn’t eat all mine.

I’ve got a slight overabundance of one of my children’s birthday presents, and nothing for another.  It was Dilly’s birthday while they were on holiday – I’d planned to buy or contribute towards a camera, but it turned out that her family were buying it.  So I bought things from her Amazon wishlist.  I bought little things too, so there would be something to unwrap on the day, and have the books here.  However, I received a text from her this evening, thanking me for my part in the buying of her camera, and it turns out that my offer was actually accepted by her parents, as they’d gone for quite an expensive one.

It seems that I have some of my Christmas shopping done already.

On the other hand, the things I’ve ordered for Phil haven’t arrived yet, and it’s his birthday tomorrow and we’re invited over for a barbecue.  So I’ll have to do some emergency booze shopping on the way.

6 comments on “The Gardening Club Annual Show

  1. Marion

    All that home made food sounds delicious, but probably not in combination. Isn’t that the way it is with ordering? Some things seem to arrive the next day while other languish in delivery for weeks.

  2. Dave

    I left a comment earlier, then Blogger crashed. Can’t remember now what I said.

    Was that the BMCC tea you ate (I suspect you were teasing us, and meant ‘tasted’) earlier?

  3. Z

    We think we’ll start with the savoury food next year, then go on to the sweet and finish with the pickles and chutneys, Marion. Although I seem to remember that we said that last year!

    I think my literary style could have been influenced, Dandelion. Did you know that Eric Carle has a blog?

    Well, I didn’t eat it all on my own, Dave. There were two of us. Not a lot left for the team, though if ever you want a particularly fine tea, you might arrange a match in Dent0n. Indeed, if you turned up short of a player or two, you’d find a few volunteers. Keen and lovely they are in that village (also got a good website)


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