The fine art yacht

Not for the first time, I think I’ve seen it all. SeaFairis a travelling art fair, cruising up and down the east coast of the United States. I’m sure it will do very well the on its first tour, but long-term? Well, what do I know about these things. It’s another world as far as I’m concerned. It may be marvellous. I hope they keep well out of the hurricane season though, just imagine the sound of delicate porcelain and antique furniture hitting the deck with great force.

3 comments on “The fine art yacht

  1. diamondweeza

    I went onto the website expecting a floating glorified muck ‘n’ tat shoppe but fine images of a stark NY modart gallery filled with IT girls and silver foxes. Do they know their market? What self-respecting silver fox would do this? Looks more like a corporate schmooze cruise than floating antiques extravaganza.


    How goes the veggie patch this fine morning?

  2. Z

    It could be very impressive, but the running costs will be huge, they’ll need a steady supply of dealers willing to fork out for a stand, as well as plenty of pfft, what’s money for except to blue on Expensive Stuff customers. Ones who just go for the schmooze cruise might not buy the goods.

    Veggie patch fine after some rain last night.

  3. Geena

    Yeah I read their splurb and they target high net worth clients…’nuff said…the likes of you and me have more practical and necessary ways to use our hard-earned cash.

    Entertainment for rich people…that’s all…

    Superb yacht though.


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