The fifth cat

It was nerve-wracking, but the remaining kitten is in the cage, along with the tabby.  I lost my nerve at the thought of separating them and thought that they’d be company for each other during the night.  I went out to check and the black kitten was huddled, a picture of complete misery and the tabby was protectively curled over it – sweet, but very upsetting.  The food was untouched – I hope they don’t eat it in the morning, there’s quite a lot there, but I daren’t try to take the dish out.

I’ll take them into the vet first thing, along with the cat box, and ask if they can put the tabby in and then I’ll bring him back.  They won’t do it while I wait, I don’t suppose, I’ll have to go in later.

At least the job is done.  Which reminds me, I must drop a line to the Cat Protection woman to tell her.  Then I’ll clean the trap, which I’ve been feeding them in for the last week, so it’s a bit meaty, and return it to her.

What a palaver.  I’m really tired tonight.  I’m going to bed soon.

By the way, on a completely different track, have you noticed how nearly all interviewees – not political ones but almost everyone else – start their replies with “So” at present?  Even if it’s not part of the answer at all – it’s become the latest verbal mannerism, to give a moment’s thinking time, it seems.  There’s another, similar, alternative going the rounds too, but I can’t think what that is at the moment.

5 comments on “The fifth cat

  1. Helen

    I can never get our cat into the basket, even with food. We had to take her to the vets a couple of weeks ago, it took nearly 10 minutes to get her in then she wouldn’t come out. Little blighter sat right at the back of the basket with the claws of her three good legs well and truly stuck in the wickerwork, the vet had to entice her out with cat treats.

    1. Z Post author

      Eloise cat went for a check-up (it wasn’t needed, but required for her to get her de-fleaing stuff) and was extremely well behaved. Apart from a tendency to knead the sofa with her claws out (she stops when told to), she appears to be the perfect cat – especially for a dog lover.

  2. tim

    The ‘so’ thing: it’s a meme. You’re the first to note it, it’s not yet trending on Twitter. I’ll tweet about it, #someme, just out of mischief.


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