The eyes have it

I couldn’t sleep last night, the usual result of an early (11pm) night – why do I never learn? and it occurred to me that gently stroking my eyelid might send the lens downward.  It didn’t.  And, after a while, it further occurred to me that I might make it inflamed, so I stopped.  I went to the early service, came home, cooked the Sage and me poached eggs and I came to sit down and check emails.  I peered into a mirror, lifting my eyelid, and there was my lens!  It slid out easily, undamaged, as was my eye*.  I put it to clean for an hour – because I was due to play the organ at the next service, and have to wear a lens for that.  Yes, I will buy a new pair of glasses.  I tried my old ones, but I seem to have dropped and driven on them once too often, and they are decidedly misshapen, and very scratched, and no good at all.

I had some fairly vital documents to deal with, but I’ve done that and now feel that I can relax.  I’ve got quite a lot to do, but nothing to worry about.  It’s a great relief not to have deadlines looming.  Apart from the party, that is.  I’m afraid you’re all going to be sadly disappointed by my vegetable garden, which seems not to be happening this year.  However, at least, the next plan is to do a proper invitation with a link to my email so that I can send you my address.  I’m so looking forward to seeing you – well, some of you – that is, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that can come, and very sorry that not all of you can.  But if you’re hesitating, I assure you that lots of us won’t have met each other before and that blogmeets are fun and not intimidating at all, although everyone** will feel a bit nervous.  But that means that we’re all at an equal disadvantage, so it’s all right.

Broadband has been up and down like a tart’s drawers, and the telephone has gone down again, so I’ll have to phone the service people tomorrow unless it’s magically put itself right again.  Fortunately, the Sage has made and received all sale-related calls, so it’s not too vital for the next few days.  And there’s always the iPhone.

*which did not slide out, obv.  Really, darling.  Don’t be absurd.

**Dave assures me he will not be nervous at all and that we can all rely on him to make the party go with a swing.  So that’s all right, then.

12 comments on “The eyes have it

  1. Dave

    I have no intention of feeling even a bit nervous. But then it’s not my party, and I’m a blog-mmeet veteran (I think I’ve met 26 of my readers).

  2. Z

    Okay. I’ll issue a correction, Dave, and say that you will be the life and soul of the party.

    I saw you as the antiDissestablishmentarianist sort, Rog

  3. Roses

    I’m glad you’ve got the lens sorted. I was worried (hence the nagging).

    As for the party…*sniff*…I hope Dave talks to the Big Man upstairs to book good weather.

  4. Z

    Dave, dearest, you know how quiet and reserved I am compared to you.

    If my eye had got red and swollen, I’d have been down to the hospital like a shot. Roses.

    I’m looking forward to it, Pat. Wish all my friends could come!

  5. Z

    I’m not used to people worrying about me. I’m The Strong One. So thank you xx

    Exactly as you said it would, Mago.

    Dave, you rock! Brilliant.

    Dave is very confident about his height, Simon, and has no need to wear heels. The party, as I rather think you know, is on Monday 2nd May, and you are invited. Will you come? With or without a friend, or a son, all welcome x


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