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I’m glad to be feeding the barn cats again, I’ve missed them.  I’m rather proud of them, in fact … well, I have to admit, I’m rather proud of what we’ve been able to do with them.  The four of them are in beautiful condition, with thick, glossy, soft fur and, when stroked, they are healthily plump – not fat I mean, but in good condition to withstand winter out of doors.  They were already unafraid of Rose and now they’re comfortable with Tim too.  They’re all clustered by the kitchen garden gate when I go to feed them and Zain and Fred come forward to be stroked while Betty and Barney trot off, tails held high, to the barn where they hang out.  It’s not particularly cold at present so their parents are not coming to be fed, but if there’s a cold snap then the six of them will be along.  Seeing them after a break of four weeks has made me appreciate their health, as they don’t look in the least as you’d think feral cats would look, all over again.

At this time of the year,  I have a craving for lots of vegetables and colourful food.  I made three batches of soup to welcome Tim home on Thursday and we’re having it for lunch each day – one feed of leek (home grown) and potato to go.  We bought fennel and red pepper with our other vegetables today and will roast them with garlic, shallots and so on, for dinner.

I hadn’t been outside the garden all week, not since we went to the supermarket on Monday to get a few provisions for me and the children while Tim was away.  So it was rather a pleasure to go into the town this morning.  We just went to the greengrocer, the whole food shop and the deli, and then I bought a primrose from the florist – all these shops are next to or opposite each other.  On the way back to the car park, for there were no on-street spaces, I asked Tim if I was limping or had a rolling gait, and he said I hadn’t – this was without a stick, and I’m very pleased. I use a stick if it seems like a good idea, but I can walk without noticing: that is, I do not have a jarring or aching awareness of every step.  And that is, fundamentally, what I wanted out of the operation.  I was, just, able to do up the zips on my boots but I had to ask Tim to just undo the last couple of inches of the left one.  I can sleep on my side, though I have a pillow to support my operated leg and I can’t say it’s completely comfortable yet.  But it’s near enough.  Complete success, I’d say.

I’m going to go out to the kitchen and admire vegetables for a bit.  And then cook them.


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    1. Z Post author

      I haven’t been on my bike but I’m confident I’d be able to. I’m just so grateful for such a wonderful operation.


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