The downside of self-employment

Last week, Val from the pet shop collapsed at work – a considerate employer, she warned her assistant that she suddenly had an awful pain and might faint, and promptly did so. She’s been in hospital ever since and she’s on morphine for the pain. The Sage went in to ask her husband how she is, and he’s very anxious. For her right now of course, but also about the shop. She’s been told she won’t be able to come back to work for three months.

They have two shops and run one each, and she does all the paperwork for both.

He has no idea how he’ll manage. I suspect that Val will have to start paperwork as soon as she’s able to sit up. No rest for the self-employed – even if they are insured against sickness, it’s the books and the ordering that only she knows how to do.

You’ll notice that there’s a suitably dull title for the post. I have taken Dave’s just criticism to heart.

11 comments on “The downside of self-employment

  1. martina

    Oh that is no fun at all. Hope she gets better really soon. Were I in the same town/same country I’d volunteer to help at the shop.

  2. Z

    Oh Dave, your observation was quite true.

    Yes, I understand that kidney stones do give a few twinges. So does pancreatitis.

  3. Z

    Yes, I suspect they will make back-up provision in future.

    I don’t suppose you needed to buy much there, Badgerdaddy. The odd packet of mustard and cress seed or wild bird food perhaps?

    At least there are no animals to look after – it sells pet food and stuff, not the pets themselves.


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