The days don’t grow short when you reach September. Not here.

Here’s a picture of the couple most pleased with themselves that you’re likely to see all year.

Revolting, innit?

Neither of us had been married in church before and we didn’t want to be particularly traditional.  In particular, I didn’t want to do the walking up the aisle thing.  So we agreed that we’d all meet at home for champagne first, then all walk the 250 yards to the church and go in together.  And then, afterwards, walk home again.  We rejected all the traditional wedding hymns and found other ones, but we had a deeply traditional bible reading.  And it was just what we wanted, and lovely.  And we finished with a number from Tim’s band, back in the ’60s.

Then we went home and ate and drank a lot.  You may not have seen that coming…

5 comments on “The days don’t grow short when you reach September. Not here.

    1. Tim

      Of course, Rog. Cartwheels ‘cross the floor, the ceiling flew away, uncounted trays of drinks, the full miller’s tale.
      Rather marvellous doesn’t do it full justice.


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