The cobwebs are reprieved

A committee member rang this morning to ask if the meeting could be at his house as his wife will be at work and he needs to babysit. Fine by me.

One of the committee is, in her day job, a funeral director. Today, she was discussing a funeral with a vicar (not one I know). He’s a little concerned about it, partly because it will be a service conducted at the graveside rather than in the church and December weather doesn’t really lend itself to open-air events, and partly because the dead man’s partner is also a man. “I really want to be supportive to the bereaved chap” he said plaintively, “but I’m rather more comfortable with Adam and Eve than Adam and Steve.”

Tonight’s host provided wine, coffee and mince pies. Everyone had two out of three of these treats. You already know the two I chose.

8 comments on “The cobwebs are reprieved

  1. Z

    Oh, thank you, thank you, BW. I think everyone else thought I’d made a tasteless joke and was too polite to challenge me.

    I don’t think he meant to be bigoted, but it’s certainly how he came over. I don’t know if anyone said anything, such as “how about just treating him as a person who has just lost a loved one?” If he does his pastoral duties and visits and sympathises and listens, maybe he will then be less ignorant and less bigoted in the future.

    As I say, I don’t know him. Our last vicar had similar events and didn’t mention them, any more than any other funeral. It was a normal, if sad, part of his job.


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