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Z and the Sage invite you to a Blog Party on Saturday, 26th May from 12.30 pm. You don’t have to be a blogger to come, you don’t have to have met us or been here before and, if you came last year to the Wall Party, you’re welcome to come again. And you’re welcome to bring your other half too, of course. It really is open house, it worked fine last year and it was great fun to meet so many of you.

Some of you, who have already responded to my previous suggestions of possible dates, are coming quite some way, and you are welcome to stay overnight. It may be that we will run out of bedrooms and in that case, an air bed or a mattress on the floor can be arranged if you don’t mind. Alternatively, friends of mine have a lovely farm guest house nearby and I can put you in touch (I haven’t yet checked that they have rooms that night, that’s on my to-do list soon). If you’re really coming a long way, you’re also welcome to stay on the Friday night, in which case you will be put to work counting out plates and things.

This time round, all food will be prepared in advance (I may not be the brightest, but I do learn and won’t rely on a barbecue and risk windy weather) so I hope to have time to chat to more than a few of you, although I don’t think I was missed much as you were all chatting among yourselves very animatedly. I’m happy to take food preferences, allergies and so on into account, just let me know. I like nothing better than feeding lots of people, so those of you who stay over will get fed on Saturday night (it’ll probably be soup and cheese, something like that, don’t get over-excited) and I will cook you breakfast on Sunday morning.

This is a very early notice, don’t think you have to commit yourself, but when it’s convenient, email me to let you know if you can come and if you want to stay – that does need to be as soon as possible, because I’ve already got a couple of guests booked in plus my sister and after the beds are taken it’ll certainly be a mattress in a sitting room rather than a bedroom and then we may run out of space (on the other hand, I may be exaggerating here and it’ll be fine, I’m a bit inclined to over-plan).

And indeed, Wink is a real person, not a facial tic and you have a golden opportunity to meet her and find out what I’m really like. Oh yes, she is impervious to bribes and I have no hope of stopping her.

More details to follow, very likely when we’re within three months of the event. I’ll do an invitation as a header. My email is on my profile, we live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border (practically straddling it, darlings) and of course I’ll send directions and so on.



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15 comments on “The Blog Party

  1. Rog

    We will be day visitors thanks! Oz had a long list of dietry requirements he was working on but I’ve sadly had to confiscate it as all the items on it would make him poorly.

    Hopefully it will have warmed up from -13 by May.

  2. Z

    -13º Rog? Blimey, it was only -10 at 5 o’clock here this morning (not that I was out there with a thermometer, although I was awake, but Al left for work then and said).

    I shall go to see Val at the pet shop and buy food for an elderly dog with two teeth.

    It’s all right, Chris, dear heart, I read between the lines – that is, between the words. You do become wonderfully excited at the thought of strawberry pavlova. I’m completely charmed.

    John, I wish you could too. I promise I shall come and visit you. Shall I bring cake? Or is there something else you prefer?

    Excellent, thanks, Roses.

  3. Z

    Chocolate cake for dad then. I’ll give your treat a bit more thought.

    Lovely, you’re on the list, Mike and Ann.

    Get over it, Oz. While you’ve got a tooth, you’re going to be called long in it. *love you lots* btw.

  4. mig

    I would very much appreciate a bed (or mattress/guest house) if I’m able to come. And I’ll eat anything.
    Probably I shall stay at my Brother-in-law’s house in Enfield on Friday night, as it’s about halfway so I can’t offer to count crockery!


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