The blog party, 25th July

This year’s lunch will be on a Tuesday, because that’s a day most people can manage. We may have other guests too, our friends Lawrie and Lynn. Wink and I have known Lawrie our whole lives, as his parents were friends with my father as they were growing up and were born in the same year as him. He and Lynn got married the same year as the Sage and I did, just a few months later and we are going to their Golden Wedding party in September.

They still have friends and relations in East Angular, though they have lived in the West Country for many years and they’ve a standing invitation to come and stay with us and use the Zedery as their base. They are very sociable and great fun and will not mind in the least if there are lots of people they don’t know. In fact, they’ll love it.

Sadly, Rose has found that she’s double-booked, so she and her chap won’t be joining us after all. But there are the other usual suspects and possibly some newbies. Over the years, our numbers have been anything from 10-30something, so I’ll just make lots of food and you’ll all have to eat it. I’ll see if I can inveigle any of the family to come – Ronan always enjoys it but, as it’s a weekday, he probably won’t be free. With school holidays, others may be, but the older grandchildren may not think it’s their idea of fun.

Talking of older grandchildren, Zerlina and I went to see Heathers: The Musical, at the theatre in Norwich on Friday. It was great to go to a play that wasn’t being pretentious. It was fabulous and the mostly teenage audience had a blast. There were parents and slightly older youngsters of course, but a lot of them were around z’s age and it was such a joy to see them, impeccably behaved, having a really lovely time and applauding enthusiastically in all the right places. Z and I have booked to see Six in February – she wanted to see it a few weeks ago, but it was sold out.

Gus was somewhat jealous that he’d missed out, but I’ve told him I’ll take him anywhere he’d like to go, he can let me know. I’m very gratified that neither of them thinks as a trip out with granny isn’t something to be endured.

Squiffany and Pugsley are finishing their exams on Wednesday, so they will be able to relax after that, though P will be straight back to school to start on the 6th form syllabus, I suppose. I’ll have to ask him. I’m rather hoping they’ll want to earn some pocket money in the summer, but relaxation may come first. I can’t blame them if so, there aren’t many opportunities to relax, nowadays and they’ve been working very hard.

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